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Stone Carving And Sandstone Figures Manufacturers


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Hello everyone! sorry if copying someone's post but search didnt help. iam trying to find out where i can order nice stone carving pano or sandstone one to put on the wall in front of the pool (you must seen this nice stone "pictures" many times) but i went through the shops and things i've found there doesnt seems to fit (i dont like it thats to say), actually in phuket shops not much of choice. may be i've searched in a wrong places.....who knows..... but any of your advices will be wery helpfull

p/s manufacturer is preffered. thanks

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I have seen nice stone carvings for sale at the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok. For a good overview of the weekend market please visit: http://www.bangkok.com/shopping-market/popular-markets.htm. If you are considering a purchase of a very large stone you may want to arrange for suitable transportation from one of the truckers in the parking area adjacent to the market. The Chatuchak Weekend Market can easily be reached via Bangkok’s public transportation systems (both BTS and MRT). It can get quite crowded so if you dislike crowds try to go in the morning.

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