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Nagaworld, Pp


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Anyone stayed at Nagaworld, Phnom Penh recently?

I'm not interested in the casino side and have done the touristy stuff in PP before, just need a good, comfy, smoke-free (room at least) hideout for a week. I'll go walkabouts during the day.

Or alternatives with Internet included..?

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I've no idea what price bracket that puts you in but in case you or others are interested I will recommend one in the mid range. City Centre Hotel on Street 130 is in the heart of the tourist (and falang bar/taxi girl) area. Owned by an Oz who has brought in sumptuous beds for a great nights sleep and the fittings are all western four star. Apart from the bedroom/bathroom interiors its a fairly typical budget hotel type. No fancy services or function rooms and the bar is help yourself from the fridge and sit out front (good vibe at 3am sometimes).

You can get much bigger rooms for the price (about $35 to $40) elsewhere but not the same interior quality. I go for the windowless rooms as I use it for nighttimes not daytime living and although its strange not having a window and I do it nowhere else on earth, it guarantees you some quiet. There are some rooms with windows and street views but they tend to be the smaller rooms.

Families who are intending to use the room a lot during the day should look elsewhere. Also, you can get comfortable rooms in PP in the $12 to $20 category. Windowless rooms are frequently seen in this category so be careful if that does not appeal. $100 will buy you something 5* and pretty sumptuous.

Good hotel listings on www.canbypublications.com and/or ask a local/research the locals' and regulars' recommendations on the Thai Visa equivalent in Cambodia - www.khmer440.com. I have seen some really nice looking not expensive modern boutique hotels with small swimming pools recommended there for future reference when I take my family. Not all are 'occasional girlfriend' friendly though.

PP is nowhere near 100% occupancy and a lot of capacity has been added in the last 3 years. Pre-booking not necessary unless you have a specific target. No recommendations last long and great deals can be had by Cheap Charlies who are prepared to pound leather (I'm not). It's more like Pats than BKK for hotels and prices. I won't comment on other attractions cos I want to keep it as it is!

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