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Bigger Phantom ?


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Greetings all. I was just wondering that as we now have the nice CBR 250 out whether Honda had any plans to increase the engine size on the Phantom ? Many be add another cylider and some water cooling maybe ? As nice as the new bike is it just isn't for me. I always found the Phantom to be an ideal bike for Thailand but just lacked that little bit more torque. Cheers ;)

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I think what you are describing is called a Honda Steed? ;)

Except a Steed weighs 63kg more, is 200cc more, and a second-hand Steed costs almost double a new Phantom.

Personally, I hated the Steed - heavy, slow, and a pig on gas.

H2O is right. A Phantom would be a decent bike for Thailand with just a little more oomph...

It always amazes me that there are no after-market performance mods around at all. Some guy down south bores them out to 250, but that didn't sound reliable.

Pretty sure that there was a thread a while ago about popping in a different motor into a Phantom. Sounds like a good idea to me, but some people say it would be really difficult. I dunno. Is there room for a Lifan 250 motor in there?

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I looked at the internet for the Lifan 250 and found that there is a Lifan forum as well.

Several guys in the UK and US have bought a Lifan LF400 V twin air cooled bike with a shaft drive to the back wheel.

They have given it a good thumbs up and say that it is good value for money.

RichardBKK was talking about it a little on the Lifan 250 thread and it seems that they are made in Thailand but for export and are not yet available on the Thai market.

The specs are here.

LF 400 specs.xls

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