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  1. Are they the red ones with the button flap at the back? https://www.sulekhi.com/p/?iid=245979263&pr=78.99
  2. Several years ago I got Wise to "tag" my account at the BBK bank. I do online banking and before I do a transfer with Wise I check my BBK account so that I know the balance. I do the transfer and so far for the last couple of years I know that my transfer from Wise will be on the next working day. Wise also tell me in the details of the transfer when the money will be in my BBK account. If it is less than the next working day transfer I have figured out that there could be a problem so I check my BBK balance again. If the transfer is already in my account it means to me
  3. I received my 2nd transfer this past week. One last Friday and I transferred a small amount first and that worked OK so I transferred the rest with the same result. Wise to BBK bank and both payed on Monday. I used long term funds for staying in Thailand and both showed as international transfers. I got another one yesterday to be transferred today. Same reason and same result. It seems for me the Wise/BBK system works. I have a third one due in Wise UK tomorrow and BBK on Monday afternoon.
  4. I am 77 and I don't think I fell for any vaccine lies, though I did a bit of reading on the Internet about vaccines, As a result I accepted the offer of 2 vaccinations of Pfizer from the Thai government, one in September and the second in October and they were absolutely free of charge. The side effects were a bit of soreness for a day around the jab site. Last week my 17 year old son had his first dose of Pfizer as did my neighbours 16 year old daughter. There side effects were the same as mine.
  5. They can all make as many decisions plans etc as they like and as many changes as they want, but until it is gazetted it doesn't matter. They don't really care about the problems tourists my encounter because #1 they are already in Thailand, #2 nothing that they say or do actually affects them anyway,
  6. Probably 2 reasons. #1 because he can, and from the reports I have read of him he doesn't appear to like farangs. #2 he doesn't really know what he is doing and his medical knowledge can be written on the head of a pin with enough room left to write the entire encyclopedia Britannica.
  7. I am using 3BB, Opera browser with Opera free VPN and Windows 10. The odd thing is that I can access Bualuang iBanking with the same setup but not BBK forex . When I open KBank the first screen it shows is the Forex rates. As I said in an earlier post, not getting BBK forex rates is not the end of the word for me.
  8. Even that link comes back as access denied. I tried copy/paste and I even typed the url by hand and still get the same access denied. No matter. It was mainly out of curiosity and not the end of the world.
  9. I tried again using Chrome and a different browser but still access is denied. It is not that important.
  10. I am looking for access to the Bangkok Bank daily forex rates, Every link I have tried responds with Access Denied You don't have permission to access "http://www.bangkokbank.com/en/Personal/Other-Services/View-Rates/Foreign-Exchange-Rates" on this server. Reference #18.95e83217.1634621670.3a685d56 I have reset my VPN to Thailand and that makes no difference. I can however access my Bualuang iBanking without a problem.
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