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  1. 16 hours ago, atpeace said: Here in rural Thailand 95% of Thais wear masks on motorcycles but many don't while in groups socializing. It is a non issue regardless. Outside of cities IMO Covid is not killing anyone. I don't know where he lives but here in rural Kamphaeng Phet most of the motorcyclists wear a mask most of the time but less than 20% wear a helmet. Walking around the shops more than 90% of Thais wear masks. I can't comment on farangs as they are few and far between and rarely seen. My research is local and personal as I tend to keep my eyes open
  2. Really? Excuse me if I don't believe you, but why would people be ferried from Bangkok to where just to vote? If there are 50 people on 1 bus that comes to 250,000 baht a time. At 500 baht a pop you can get 10 times the voters.
  3. When I get out of the car I have to put my glasses on my forehead to see where I am going and what I am doing. If I leave them in place every time I breathe out they get fogged up, and I cannot read any forms etc, Going into the a/c bank just makes it worse. I have to pull the bottom of the mask away from my face to breathe out and still wear my glasses Back in the car and it is mask off and I can see properly and breathe easily too. I don't normally wear a mask in the car, as it is a private vehicle and there is only me and my family in it. I think it is pointless as when we get h
  4. How to bring happiness and reconciliation to the Thai people. It has only taken 7 years to reach this point. I would like to point out that none of this was written for the election or in the constitution.
  5. I do my marriage extension on no proof of money in the bank so it is not a problem for me. The problem for all of us going for extensions is that although there are laid down requirements to which all IO's must stick to, there is the catch all phrase that the IO can ask for what extra information (or not) as they see fit.
  6. It may be an additional requirement at some Immigration offices. The best thing to do IMO is speak to the IO and ask. If they say no need, then fine, if not then visit the bank with your bank book and get a letter from them as well.
  7. Were you there? Did you see the accident happen? If you were not, then you have no idea what happened, and you are speculating on a second or third hand report.
  8. Some people on the vaccination threads are happy to fly to the US to get their "free" jabs. I will follow this thread about Keyvisa though my passport expires in June 2024.
  9. Do you live in Bangkok? For us living upcountry it is a bit more difficult.
  10. But only if you forget about the travel costs and finally getting back into Thailand.
  11. If you are a UK citizen with a million or two in the bank you will be treated very well here in Thailand at the embassy. OTOH if you are just a normal expat, retired or married to a Thai, the embassy can't or don't want, to do much for you. I can remember the embassy some 20 years ago and how helpful and friendly they were.
  12. In Kamphaeng Phet during the same period Pfizer was available to anybody, Thai or farang but you had to be registered at your nearest hospital, not necessarily the main government one. Both times I went I was the only farang.
  13. Up here in Kamphaeng Phet they were giving out Pfizer for both jabs and it was free so I got my 2 jabs then.
  14. I rented one of those from Avis at Heathrow for 72 hours. The trouble is that it was dark when I arrived and there was no handbook. It drove very well but it didn't look that bad in daylight. Just different.
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