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  1. How can anyone justify voting for the Tory or Labour party in view of the beggars muddle that both parties have made of running the UK over the last 30 or 40 years?
  2. I believe that RayC has made some good points, and it is not the same old rubbish as you describe it. I did notice that you didn't really comment on his post. Was it too difficult for you?
  3. Out of curiosity how long had you been living out of the UK at the time I believe that the time limit back then was 15 years living out of the UK. I just managed to squeak in with my proxy vote from Thailand. The Brexit party voters won with a majority of the votes cast and the Brexit negotiations were left with the government at the time to get the best deal for the UK that they could. That they didn't get the best deal was nothing to do with Farage but down to the skills, (or lack of skills) of the people sent to do the job. The final decision was down to whichever PM it was at the time and to the cabinet. AFAIR the British people were not given a choice, other than like it or lump it. Could Farage have done it better or differently? Perhaps or perhaps not, and that is something that nobody will ever know for sure. quote from your post. 'What should/ can the UK have done differently?' I have posed this question many times but have not, as yet, received an answer. If the UK had used a different tactic or different people, maybe we could have had a different result. If the EU had used a different tactic or different people, maybe we could have had a different result. The problem is that if one side changes, the other side will react differently. The UK wanted the best result for the UK and the EU wanted the best result for the EU. But was their goal the same?
  4. I keep all my old expired passports and showed the new one, the expired one and the 2 before that to the guy at Immigration out of interest. I have no idea if it only applies to the KPP office as that is the one I use, or to all Immigration offices nationwide, Going back over the years before KPP was opened (and moved accommodation 4 times, I used Nakhon Sawan 130 km away, and before that in 2009 I used the nearest, which at the time was Mae Sot about 180 km away. Before that when I lived and worked in BKK I used Suan Phlu. Why was I lucky that I had not burned the 60 day visa? It is the first time I have ever used one since 1993 when I first came he on business. Thank you for your advice but I suggest that you go and teach your grandmother to suck eggs, I have been doing both retirement and marriage extensions since 2009 quite successfully on my own without the need for an agent. AFAIK from talking to immigration it will be back to the normal 1 year extension. I normally go in about 3 weeks early anyway. The main difference this year is that I no longer need to do any photos or stuff for my son as he is at Uni in Chiang Rai and only comes home during the holidays. I have always found that KPP Immigration is a farang friendly office, perhaps because they are only a small office. The biggest problem is that Bangkok bank needs 3 working days to produce 12 months statements and the branch is 65 km away from where I live which is a PITA.
  5. If I were to say what I thought you are I would be banned, I certainly don't think that you are a prosecutor but perhaps a lawyer as you seem slippery enough at not answering questions. Out of curiosity. Are the Nuremburg ll trials a product of your imagination too?
  6. Naturally you have all the links and proof of the rubbish you are spouting and you will also be willing to take Dr Fauci to court over it. You do have 100% proof and enough to take it to court, don't you? BTW what ACTUAL medical qualifications DO you have?
  7. In the early days our son caught Covid, but my wife and I didn't. My younger neighbour and he daughter got it, my elder neighbour didn't but her granddaughter did. None of us were vaccinated at the time. Go figure that one out.
  8. If this is a forthcoming book, how do YOU know so much of the contents already? How can YOU say that it is a masterpiece of dis-information, if you have not read it?
  9. I did my marriage extension as usual in November 2023, at Kamphaeng Phet Immigration office. However, the extension was only granted until 17 June 2024 which was the day my old passport expired. I got a new passport and got all the stamps transferred on 22nd April 2024 and they gave me a new 90 reporting date of 25 July 2024. They called my mobile earlier this month, but my mobile reported the call as a possible scam call so I simply killed and blocked the call. My wife got a call about 4 pm on 17th from a different person explaining that my visa had expired that day, For some reason I thought that when the stamps were transferred to the new passport, the old extension date was re-instated and my extension was valid to the old date. Not so in KPP and perhaps elsewhere also. We went to KPP immigration first thing yesterday morning and the captain asked what I wanted and he knew then who I was and what the problem was. He then said that he had the solution, which was a 60 day visit your wife visa. He needed a few bits of paper, a copy of my wife's ID, Originals (but he accepted copies), copy of the Khor Ror 2 from the amphur, and some photos for the TM7. We went back to the city to get the photos, he did all the paperwork and he also understood that Bangkok Band need 3 working days to produce 12 months of statements. Now I have a 60 day extension until 16 August 2024. He suggested going to BBK bank on 22 or 23 July to order 3 sets of bank letters and statement making sure the the bank officer stamps EVERY page and signs/initials every page and then report to Immigration on 1st August 2024. The cost was 1,900 baht for the 60 day visa and a 500 baht fine for the 1 day overstay (technically 11 hours). My headless chicken mode reverted to normality, and I have about 6 weeks to start all over again with a new date for my visa extension.
  10. Thank you. I live about 500km from Pattaya and have no idea who does what down there, so rather than saying something I know nothing about, I left it for other posters living there to comment.
  11. I detest generalisations such as yours. Is every Brit in Thailand exactly the same as you describe them? Thai is a tonal language, and if you are partly deaf. and partly tone deaf Thai is very hard language to learn. I can hear my Thai wife when she talks to me, face to face, but if she talks to me from behind I cannot hear her properly. If another Thai rudely buts into a conversation, I get talked over, If a third Thai buts in, that one will talk louder than the others. To me, all I can hear is noise. Even though my wife and I have been married for 25 years and have a 19 year old son, according to you she is only a pretend wife so I will explain that to her and wait for her laughter. No I don't live in Pattaya and the last time I remember going there was about 12 years ago to buy a motorbike from a French guy, (who oddly enough, was also married and his son came as well). Not all expat Brits live in Pattaya, Nor do they all do border runs, sit in bars all day, run businesses and have pretend Thai wives. IMHO all of your post is complete and utter BS.
  12. However it is offensive to quite a few snowflakes and woke's who cannot accept any reality other than their own. They are a very vocal minority. There are several that even post on TVF, AN or the Thaiger. They personally remind me of the little buzzing flies that need swatting occasionally.
  13. It may have skipped your mind, but Nigel Farage was never the PM, he never had ANY political power and ALL of the subsequent Brexit negotiations were done by the party in power, the Tory party. So if they got it wrong, and IMHO they did, how can it be the fault of Nigel Farage as he was not involved in the negotiations at all. The majority of the British people, and I was one of them, voted for Brexit. The losers and the whiners have NEVER stopped whining over the last 8 years, because they cannot accept that they lost.
  14. So you personally attended the conference and were there all day, every day, understood everything that went on and everything that was said. Is that correct? You then concluded that all the countries who signed the document were wrong and only the countries that did not sign were right. Is that correct? (in your words) "In fact at no time whatsoever was there any attempt to discuss 'peace'... In fact it was nothing more than a staged platform for OUTGOING western leaders of the so-called free world to stand up on stage and criticise and threaten President Putin and Russia". Is that correct? Even though (in my words), Putin and Russia had already invaded the Ukraine and previously annexed Crimea and the Donbass region? In my eyes and probably that of many other people, I am probably correct You then came to the conclusion that Zelensky was only after money to (in your words) "It was also used as an excuse for the most corrupt politician on earth to continue to beg for money so he can buy more luxury multi-million dollar properties worldwide while he feeds his male (and female) population into a meat grinder for the benefit of creepy hair sniffing Joe Biden and Co". Is that correct? You managed to say all that (apart from my bit) without a single link or any shred of proof. I am almost, but not really impressed.
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