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Looking For A Capuccino Maker


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I'm sure there has to be someone (or many someones) who has a cappuccino machine they are no longer using. I have a feeling it's the kind of thing people buy on impulse, use a few times and then it begins to collect dust (and I'm sure there are people who use their's everyday). Anyway, I would like to buy a used one (in good working order and very clean of course) as I might fall into the buy, use, stop using category, so I don't want to pay the high price for a new one.

Basically, does anyone have one for sale?

Please PM me if so.



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Are you looking for a full machine, an espresso maker with steaming option, or just a milk frother ??

You can get milk frothers that make a decent foam for 350 - 500b in Thailand. Next step up would be a full espresso machine and milk frother (really you need a decent espresso as part of the cappuccino) for less than 4k on a nearly half price sale (verasu).

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