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Iphone 4 Available Now?


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Well, I'd like a real iPhone not a fake and I think there's no telling what you could get at MBK...

You have a bizarre concept of what goes on at MBK. They sell THOUSANDS of iphones and ipads, all legit. They wouldnt get far trying to sneakily sell fakes as real... new to Thailand are you?

I bought my iphone 4 from MBK just recently as the iphone is sold out across the city everywhere else. I had to pay about 2000 more than the True price since they know they are the only ones selling the phone right now.

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AIS at Paragon was selling iPhone 4's this past Saturday (19th).

I went there to make a deposit and get a reservation for delivery in March, but the lady said she could sell it to me right now ... i.e. no reservation. I got a 32GB model with the AIS Max plan.

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