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Restaurants Near Bangkok


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I am getting into the habit of driving out of Bangkok on weekends to visit interesting restaurants and would like to invite any Members to share their suggestions for good places, with details of how to get there etc.!

Places within 1 or 2 hours drive is optimum - for me anyway!

I'll start!

1) Ta Rua Restaraunt in Samut Sakorn.

Drive to the Ferry Landing in Samut Sakorn and this restaurant is right next door. Excellent Seafood, and very fresh because the fishing Boats land their catches within a few 10's of meters.

2) Bangpoo Seaside Resort in Samutprakarn - on the old Pattaya Road – past the Ancient City (Muang Boran) and just opposite the Bangpoo Industrial Estate.

This is at the end of a Pier a few hundred meters out into the Gulf of Thailand, part of a convalescence home run by the Thai Army. Lots of parking in the centre of the Pier but it can be quite a walk to the restaurant if it’s busy.

Again excellent Seafood, however on weekends the menu is limited to perhaps 20 dishes because it is so popular they are unable to cater for more choices. Also be aware that Sunday is a Thai Party atmosphere - a loud band with singers and sometimes dancers in the Air-conditioned part of the building.

Sit outside and watch the birds if you don't like music with your food!

3) Wang Kung in Khao Sam Muk, near Bangsaen, look for the large Chinese Temple on the left and this place is down a small alley just opposite, on the right hand side at the end.

Easy parking outside the Templetoo.

A very popular place with nice views over shellfish beds etc..

Again mainly known for its Seafood.

Over to you!


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In Ayutthaya province (outside the main town). Attractive riverside setting. Good seafood. Very hygienic kitchen. (The cooks even wear caps.) A little pricey by local standards. Popular in the evening with rich locals entertaining their mia nois. Short English language menu, vast Thai language menu.


In Angthong province, a little hard to find, but well worth the search. This restaurant has some of the best Thai food I've ever eaten. It's very popular with locals and is packed at weekends. It's next to the river, but there's not that much of a view. Thai language menu only - but if you can name it they probably serve it.


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