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Thailand Sponsors Slapping To Enhance Breast Size


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Thailand sponsors slapping to enhance breast size

By Jan McGirk in Bangkok

Saturday, 22 February 2003

Dozens of bra-less Thai women are on a government-backed course of breast slapping to enhance the size of their bust, and their self- esteem. One hundred vied for 40 places on the first course.

The Health Ministry offers the classes as a substitute for silicone implant surgery, increasingly common among slender Thais. The government seems to consider the beauty of Thai women a vital natural resource to be better developed.

The routines were supplied by a Bangkok beautician, Khemmikka Na Songkhla , who has been pursuing a patent for her grandmother's secret fat-kneading technique. Unlikely as it seems, the idea is to shift one's unsightly bulges to more strategic areas up front.

When Ms Khemmikka was an adolescent, her granny mocked her for wasting time rubbing her nipples with a miracle cream in hopes of sprouting big breasts. She said she should rub the old-fashioned way, until it hurt. By repeatedly pushing any flab from her sides and midriff towards her chest, and afterwards dousing Ms Khemmikka's breasts with ice water, her granny boosted her breast size by 4in (10cm) and her confidence soared.

Ms Khemmikka, now 35, says her shapely breasts are all the advertisement she needs and has marketed the technique in her beauty parlour for 15 years. Six sessions cost $380 (£235), and yield an increase of up to 4in without injections, chemicals or implants.

But the lucrative business threatened to go bust after a client developed breast cancer and blamed it on her breast massage. Distraught, Ms Khemmikka asked the Health Ministry to learn if there could be a link with breast massage.

Dr Pennappa Sapcharoen, the deputy director of the traditional medicine division, told her no clinical trials had been done, but she was intrigued by the technique. The ministry launched a six -month study on volunteers aged 20 to 60, and found vigorous massage left their breasts cancer-free and measurably bigger.

Ms Khemmikka helped the Institute of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine to come up with its three-month regimen of self-massage and daily breast-boosting exercises. Dr Pennapa also insists that skinny girls must eat more if they expect to increase the size of their mammaries.

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And I have a miracle cream for only $200 for one application that is guaranteed to double the size of your peni... ( uh, are we allowed to use the "p" word?)

The concept is not only ludicrous but dangerous.

The most common form (and most desirable if such a statement can be made) of breast cancer is DCIS. Ductal Carcinoma in Situ rarely metastasizes to other parts of the body since it has no interest in spreading to capillaries. Cancers that spread to capillaries often spread within the lymphatic and circulatory system where fragments lodge inside the bone, lungs, brain or liver, and continue to grow creating new tumors.

Though I can quote no study, aggressive slapping/kneading of breasts, if the woman has DCIS and does not know it, is likely in at least some women, to cause localized trauma and some internal bleeding (bruising). This can theoretically allow a route of tiny fragments of tumor into the circulatory or lymphatic system and cause a usually benign cancer to become more like a malignant cancer.

If the government really is supporting this, they would be advised to seek good medical counsel.

And besides, there are a whole lot of men that think "A" cup breasts are quite wonderful!

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