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Turtle Seems Depressed

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I have a Japanese turtle, 50b from JJ market. I have a rectangular fish aquarium, not tiny but not big.. I set him up with 8 inches of water, a few rocks on the bottom, and an upside down coffee mug which serves as an island for him to chill on. I want to make a better setup as soon as i figure out how. The last week or so he has stopped eating and moving very much. He used to dive and swim constantly and now he is super chilled, sleepy, and bored. He used to power eat all the food and now it seems like he doesn't eat much if at all. Maybe his tiny island sucks ? Maybe the ceramics aren't good? Any ideas ! I don't want him to die, hes a great turtle.

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Sad story. Maybe this can be of help....


Strong swimmers, they inhabit flowing streams, rivers, canals and other bodies of water in Japan. M. japonica is semi-aquatic, requiring an aquarium with a land area. They need a dry basking area with a warming light. A UV-B radiation reptile light may provide additional physiological and psychological benefits. M. japonica is a temperate species, so a water heater is not required if the turtle is housed indoors, but the basking area should be warmed to about 80-85F or so by the warming light. These are active turtles that will appreciate as much space as possible, both in the water and out. In mild, temperate to subtropical regions, these turtles would enjoy an outdoor habitat with a pond, at least for part of the year. (Outdoor enclosures must be secure from predators such as dogs or raccoons.) Water must be kept well filtered. This species tends to be quite hardy in captivity and will breed readily, if kept in a good environment.


This species is omnivorous with a leaning toward carnivory. Worms, insects, snails, shrimp, feeder fish, cat or dog food kibble, etc. could all be used as part of a varied diet. Also provide aquatic plants, and other greens, vegetables, and occasional fruits. This species will accept floating turtle food pellets formulated for aquatic turtles. Provide a source of calcium, such as cuttlebone or boiled eggshells


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