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Shipping A Laptop From Usa To Thailand


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i want to know if anyone know which is the best way to ship a laptop from usa to thailand

i am thinking to ship by USPS Express Mail International , dont know how long they will delivery.

i think package can be around 11 LB

i try to calculate shipping price by usps but i dont know how to do it......

my uncle can ship it from California , how much he has to pay ?

on custom declaration what has to write ?

thanks a lot


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You can maybe get a better deal by sending the money or using the ATM when you get here. Other option is someone un boxing it as a carry on when they travel here. Heck have your uncle come over with it.:whistling:

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This isthe service I use. And here is an update after using the service for a while. I'm now receiving a consolidated box from the states on average of twice a month since I started using this service. They haven't made a single mistake, Thai customs have never opened a box, and they take the word of the attached customs form 100%. It is simply the most convenient way to get things here, and more convenient if you would benefit from consolidation.

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