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My New Internet Connection Works


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ToT came and installed a new line and ADSL service in ao Nang. After they confirmed that everything was working correctly, I did a test and .....

everything was working correctly!!!

I am able to connect to the internet at all times of the day and night; the upload and download speeds are excellent.

I am really confused about all this - should I perhaps contact ToT???


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The correct thing to do would be to inform TOT that they have slipped up and you are getting a better service than their other customers. :blink:

On the other hand if your sense of fair play will let you take advantage of the situation while it lasts and when they realize their mistake just plead ignorance saying this is what you thought you paid for. :lol:


(I too am in the Krabi area and have no complaints about the TOT service)

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Great news about the ToT connection..seems they've finally connected a bigger cable thruout and we're now getting what we pay for. I'm also getting nearly 6 meg at last after suffering less than 500 kbps for years (I had to upgrade my old ToT modem tho to get it) lets hope it lasts.

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