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Mesh Bag


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are you talking about 10 onions or 100? if it's ten, head to your nearest laundry supply store and grab one of those meshy thingies for underwear and other things that you peel off layer by layer.;)

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I am actually looking for a lot of mesh bags saying 1000 or even more pieces, to pack 10kg each.

See if you can find an old one somewhere, then look allover for a small makers mark or brand name. Not for the product but the packaging. You may get lucky.

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Net bags are sold in a larger size than you need for 10 kg Onion

They hold 32 kg cob corn, 40 kg kernel corn.

They pack Potato in them as well.

As I recall they fill tightly to 30x40x60 cm,

which would make them around 60x100 flat

I paid from B6.50 up to B8.00 each in 2008

A Full Bundle was huge...perhaps 2,000 sacks

For 10 kg Onion the bag will be around 1/8 full,

but you can trim the excess after sewing the bag.

The hand held electric bag sewing machines cost around B4,500.

Sack twine, a flat stiff poly cord is sold in bundles of perhaps 300 pcs for B80

The pcs are each around 2 meters long.

Bag Needles used with the sack twine are B5 each

The net bags are poor in UV resistance,

breaking down in sunlight,

They come in various colors, red, yellow, green

All of these supplies are readily available throughout the year,

but in grand abundance in August just before Corn harvest.

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Thanks for the info. I think it is quite difficult for me to purchase from this kind of sales outlets then, as eventually I need tonnes of them for my onion trading business in Malaysia. Anyway if you do come across any big manufacturer which may be able to send tonnes of onion mesh bag to Malaysia, please do inform me.

Thanks in advance.

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Tonnes is a lot different from the first quantity of 1,000 pcs.

It's possible that a large bundle of bags would have the manufacturer's name on the wrapper.

I have not bought a bundle in over 2 years.

Does the size work, or do you need a smaller custom made size for 10 kg?

In doing a bit of search, it appears the bags sold in Thailand may be manufactured in China.

Is that acceptable?

One example offers all size and color.


Where do you want to take delivery of them?

Thailand or Malaysia?

For custom sized small bags,

it may be useful to know that blue plastic window screen is sold in up to 4 meter wide rolls,

I think 100 meters long.

Folding a 4 meter roll in half, sewing on a grid with allowance for razor cuts

you may get exactly the size you want.

It is UV resistant and stronger than the net bags.

It may also work to sew and slice the standard size bag mentioned earlier in three pieces

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Ya, I did search that a lot of China suppliers for this mesh bag. If ordering from them, the minimum order at one time would be above 15000 pieces at one time. Therefore I thought I may be able to find some nearby suppliers in Thailand who can sell me 1000 to 3000 pieces and the delivery time would be shorter.

Anyway really appreciate your helpfulness. I am still hoping someone can find me some nearby suppliers in Thailand maybe to supply me these amount of mesh bag.

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