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Change Of Feng Shui At Thai Government House.

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Changing omens for a govt under siege


Government House's feng shui has been changed again amid protests from around the compound

A week ago - last Sunday evening - seven one-metre-high tamarind trees in pots were placed near the seventh gate. About seven metres away, seven pots of allamanda (the name in Thai means 'prosperous city') were also put in position.

Cabinet members use the gate to go in and out of the compound for their meetings every Tuesday.

Tamarind is believed to symbolise a powerful image. While No 7 is linked to loss, it also means wit and endurance.

However, the character of No 7 at |the gate has been changed from Arabic |to Thai, which has a more friendly meaning.

Government House's feng shui has been changed many times during the past two years under the Abhisit Vejjajiva government. PM's secretary-general Anchalee Vanich Tephabutra, who believes in the system of good and evil influences, let a feng shui master recommend the changes.

However, when asked about the ideas for the change, she smiled and said, "Please don't pay too much attention to that," without conceding or denying her involvement.

In fact, this is not the first time Anchalee has let a feng shui master adjust Government House's decor; while PM's deputy secretary-general she ordered other changes.

The image of a Happy Buddha was placed on the Thai Khu Fah building's deck over Abhisit's office, and stones were laid to decorate the building - to chase away bad luck and bring good luck while the government was facing many challenges.

Merit-making was believed to have brought favourable omens following rumours that the Brahma on the deck no longer protected the government after dark magic rites had been performed by the yellow shirts and the red shirts.

At the Democrat Party's headquarters, nine jewellery cabinets were placed at the Mother Earth Hall, plus a wooden cabinet painted in Chinese-Tibetan style, as holders for glass balls in different shapes placed at different angles.

After the party survived its dissolution case, feng shui master Warathanat Atsakulkowit had his staff remove the cabinets and the jewellery both at Government House and at the party's headquarters.

In the Government House com?pound, many decorations have changed, including the golden flag poles with green cone-shaped tops installed at two gates of the compound. They were said to be on the spot where the red shirts splashed blood last year.

Trees of an auspicious species were placed near the cannons in front of the Thai Khu Fah building, where yellow-shirt protesters died from an M79 grenade attack.

When Korbsak Sabhavasu was PM's secretary-general, palm trees with fan-shaped leaves were placed in front of the building to blow away bad energy. They were later removed.

It is notable that each feng shui adjustment takes place when the government is in a vulnerable situation.

This time, it is facing many prob?lems, especially the clash on the Thai-Cambodia border and the People's Alliance for Democracy's rally to oust the Abhisit government. All result from its refusal to cancel the 2000 Thai-Cambodia Memorandum of Understanding on disputed areas near the Preah Vihear Temple, to withdraw from the World Heritage Committee and to push back Cambodian "trespassers" in Thai territory.

Abhisit seems unlikely to change his mind.

"I am not challenging anyone. But the government is out within this year. When the Constitution change is passed on February 11, the election is the next step. Therefore, there is no need to oust this government. We have said we would return the power to the people," he said.

The remaining question is whether the latest feng shui adjustment during the count down to the election is aimed at helping the government survive or for Abhisit to become prime minister for another term.


-- The Nation 2011-02-13

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Personally I think some one should sue them for blocking and then blowing their bad energy in the wrong direction - it is obviously been bouncing all the way to the border.

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I would love to see the bill for this ongoing superstitious hocus pocus. I bet the Feng Sui Master is one of the idle rich right now.whistling.gif

I was under the impression that Chavalit Yongchaiyudh was the only one stupid enough to play this hocus pocus game, but as it turns out it seems to be ingrained in Thais connected with the government centuries back. The King of Armenia on his vacation to Thailand mentions it in his diary of his trip 300 years ago, in addition to many other things he found sort of out of the ordinary.

It is interesting how this hocus pocus more often than not seem to backfire.

Some time ago one of the head honchos of a Thai public company was instructed by the Feng Shui Master to remove the windows from his office because the windows make the money fly away. Since then this honcho’s office has no windows (the window holes are cemented in). Here comes the backfire: about a week ago the safe was broken open during the night and 2,000,000 Thai Baht disappeared in addition to several ounces of gold. Police say: Inside job. And they are correct. Because of the two (2) key operated locks only one (1) was locked and that was the only lock broken open and the number lock was in the unlocked position and not tampered with same as the other key lock was not tampered with. Want any better evidence of an inside job when the robber exactly knows which lock was locked and needed breaking open?

After this episode are they locking all three (3) locks now when they go home on all the safes? You must be kidding yourself, TIT.

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