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Apply For Tourist Visa In Hong Kong - Good Idea?

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I'd like to apply for a Tourist Visa (60 days) to Thailand from Hong Kong.

I'm a US citizen. Is this a good idea, or am I likely to waste my time?

The only information I can find is this, dated on Friday, 15 December 2006:


which states

"Avoid Hong Kong. Hong Kong savagely and capriciously rejects most everyone. The Hong Kong consulate staff likes to loudly shout to the rejected applicants that they should have gone to Penang to get their visas."

Anyone have an updated status? Maybe if I sweet-talk them in Thai? whistling.gif

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HK is still not the friendliest place, but a single entry willt be OK if you can show a ticket out of Thailand within 60 days.

Other consulates in the region will be more friendly, especially if you want to get a double entry tourist visa.

Here is a more recent report (2010): http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/Received-Double-Entry-Tourist-Vis-t371751.html&view=findpost&p=3664479#entry3664479

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