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Importing From Korea To Thailand


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Hi there could anyone kindly advise on what are the Tax & Duty for importing shampoo related items into Thailand from KOREA.

Would it be cheaper to import from KOREA to Thailand or from USA to Thailand.

I understand there are ASEAN countries with lower import taxes but not sure where korea stands

Also... what forms are required to ensure the ASEAN rates are honoured when arriving in Thai customs

Many Thanks!

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Sorry for the delay but we wanted to confirm with our freight forwarder on this and Robin from Dawn Shipping in Bangkok gladly confirmed and provided the exact HS code for shampoo:

ASEAN signed a Free Trade Agreement with South Korea, of which, Thailand is a signatory.

Shampoo falls under cosmetics, which are regulated by the Thai Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Public Health.

A product registration is required prior to the actual importation and marketing of the cosmetic products. The registration process is not complicated, but could take 1-2 months. The basic documents required by the Thai FDA include:

1) a notarized Certificate of Free Sale or a Certificate of Manufacture issued by the manufacturer in the manufacturing country and notarized and

2) a full ingredient/composition listing issued by the manufacturer and notarized by a Notary Public.

Both documents have to be legalized either by the Thai Consulate or the Korean Embassy in Bangkok.

However, under AKFTA, shampoo is exempted from duty so long as the shipper uses form AK. However, if no form is used then a 20% duty would be levied.

The HS close for shampoo is 3305.10.00.


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