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Problem With Hotmail Contact List


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I only noticed this yesterday so I don't know how long this unwanted contact as been on my list.

When I'm in hotmail and want to send email I click on "new" at top to open new email heading.

Then I click "To" to find contact and email address.

All my contacts and their addresses are there but when I get to the bottom of the list I find an unwanted contact with no address. The contact is "Girls Gone Chat"

Now before you all start giving me grief about dating sites etc. I do not use these sites and never have! I am the only person using my computer.

I know I will never click on this contact but I am worried that if I ever use the "select all" function to send a general email to all my contacts, then this unwanted one will attach itself to that.

I have a feeling that this might be how I picked it up in the first place.

Anyway, if I access the contact list that I can edit so that I can delete this unwanted contact it no longer appears on the list.

How can I get rid of this unwanted contact?

Is it a bug, a virus, malware or something that's been added by hotmail?

Can it cause any problems if it's left there?

I do a virus scam and bott check every week.


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