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Studying On A Tourist Visa?

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I was told I only need a tourist visa to come to Thailand and study Thai Massage for 5 weeks... is this true?

It seems wrong because the visa application strongly words that a 60 day single entry tourist visa is only for tourism - but at the same time it's for 5 weeks, it's not that I'll be studying full time.

Can anyone advise me which is best? The massage school told me I only need a tourist visa - but I'd just like some clarification! I can't really afford to get kicked out :)

Many thanks!

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Do not tell your new best friend what you are doing, and donot spread on the internet. Loose lips sinks ships

It is 100% legal to study whilst on a Tourist Visa.

Thanks again everyone! I feel much more confident now :)

I had my doubts because of horror stories from travelers going to the US and Australia with wrong visas, and literally getting turned away upon arrival... grim...


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