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Amulet Valuation/Sale

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I've a friend who has asked me the best place to sell his silver Rama V amulet, I suggested Ta Pra Chan in Bangkok, although remember having an amulet evaluated at a large department store in the Paruhat area some time ago.

He's been assured it is genuine and told 'too expensive' by potential buyers in his home town.

I know this isn't strictly Bhuddism related, but did I give him the correct advice? I did advise him to ask a trusted Thai to accompany him. He looked apprehensive.

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There is a very knowledgeable dealer in JJ weekend market who likes to look at and talk about amulets and he would certainly be able to tell you something about it. His selling prices can be a bit high, at least to farangs, so get an offer price from him as a starting point. Not too far down the MRT line from JJ the company 396 is a short taxi ride from the Huaw Kwang MRT.

The full company name is in Thai script, but includes the digits 396. They produce a glossy magazine, not sure whether it's quarterly, which you can find on sale with the other amulet mags in Thai newsagents and the likes of Vlla, Foodland and maybe 7/11's. The magazine is actually a catalogue of what they have in stock, complete with the price of every item. It's all in Thai of course but it means you aren't paying farang prices, but I don't know what their offer price will be like. Their sale room in Huay Kwang has everything on display and is worth a visit. They have some knowledgeable people there but only Thai speakers but you will be able to get it across that you want to sell and can at least compare their offfer to the dealer in JJ.

I don't know the two other places you mentioned and would be grateful for more info on them. It's very much an amateur hobby for me as it's difficult to research in English.

I only saw this post today; if your friend has not already sold it drop me a PM and I'll give you better directions. In fact I'd be happy to go along with you to both places as I always like a browse. A Saturday morning would probably be best - see the dealer in JJ and then go down to 396.

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Pantip Ngamwongwan 2nd floor, loads of shops (open everyday).

On some weekends they have a big show on the 8th floor for amulets, well visited and am sure a good price could be found.

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