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123 Call

Lost in LOS

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oh well, guess you guys dont know either :whistling:

Your best bet is to call the customer service line and ask them. I have found that at times the web site is not as up to date as their customer service line.


from the web site 5Oct2011:


http://www.ain.co.th...00500_rate.html sorry... I forgot to put this in English

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oh well, guess you guys dont know either :whistling:

I answered your question.

It's 009, 3.21 baht/min to the U.S., calling either a mobile or fixed line.

00500 (AIN) is also 3.21 baht/min.

To go lower you'd have to use a calling card; some of those offer 1 baht/min and you can use a call-back feature to avoid any local airtime charges.

The standard rate, 001 or +1 is 9.63 baht/min.

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Hello, Lost...

I am just curious if you called AIS to check on the rates. What I wonder is if you use a non-AIS system if you pay the non-AIS system rates PLUS the airtime and if you use an AIS system (AIN) if you pay the airtime in addition to the international rate.


okay, thanks for the info hml367 and lomatopo. I will program my phone for the 009 prefix.

appreciate the help

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