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Child Settlement

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HI All,

We have submitted a settlement visa for my wife's son, they have already interviewed my wife's mother, who her son lives with in Thailand but The Embassy called my wife in the UK to ask for the other Grandparents phone number, they have also contacted my wife's mother again to get this number which we don't have.

Is this common practice, as we believed that they would only interview my wife's mother? It was mentioned in the application that the other Grandparents see the lad from time to time but not the father.


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Perhaps trying to find justification for a refusal if they can demonstrate other relatives the boy could live with. As long as they make it clear they cannot/will not look after the boy all it shows is they are looking carefully at the application and not dismissing it out of hand.

These can be tricky visas to get especially if there has been a significant period of mother and son being apart.

If they only see him from time to time and have no significant input into his care hopefully this will not be a problem.

Contacting carers seems fairly routine as well as the applicant him or herself.

I suppose if you mention the other grandparents in the application the ECO is entitled to ask them questions!

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