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Thai-speaking Orientalist Looking For Work In Thailand

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Dear Reader of this post,

I am a 35-year-old Polish citizen (male) interested in undertaking legal employment (with a work permit, an appropriate visa, etc.) in Thailand - preferably Bangkok, but I also take into consideration other places.

I have been learning Thai for several years and can speak and write it at an upper-intermediate level.

Besides Polish, which is my mother tongue, I am also fluent in Japanese (have a master's degree in Japanese linguistics and culture), English and German. I am also learning Chinese as a hobby.

My language certificates include, among others:

Practical Thai Language Proficiency Test, level 4 and 5 (passed in 2008)
Japanese-Language Proficiency Test, level 1 (passed in 2005)
Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK), level 4 (passed in 2014)

A job where I could make use of my language skills would be perfect for me.
I possess experience in both academic and corporate/office work (as well as in working on a self-employed basis) and I enjoy spending time in a multinational environment. In the past, I have translated documents from Thai into Polish and taught Polish to Thais living in Poland.
I am currently living in Warsaw, but I am willing to relocate to Thailand.

If you are interested in hiring me, please feel free to contact me at joorakee[at]yahoo.com or via PM.
Yours faithfully,
Janusz a.k.a. Joorakee (จระเข้)
P.S. For more information about me, please see my LinkedIn profile:
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