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Auto machine shop Chiang Mai


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Hi all

My girl has a badly seated valve in her Mazda 3 which needs repair. The Mazda dealer wanted to replace the whole top end for B60k + but a check with a local mechanic showed only 1 valve needs fixing. All we need is the valve seat reground.

The issue is he does not know a mechanic that can machine in Chiang Mai and suggested she ships the car to Bangkok to get this done. I don't believe a place as big as CM would not have an engine rebuild shop in it that could do the job.

Any help would be much appreciated as I am in Aust at the moment and I worry she will be taken advantage of


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Try a different mechanic, a valve regrind or new seat & valve, is not rocket science.

Most mechanic shops would take the head off & send it to their favourite machine shop.

Maybe someone can recommend a decent reliable mechanic in CM.

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There's an engine rebuild shop close to the SE corner of the moat - head south on the right hand leg of the moat road, at the corner where the moat road swings West, take the road to the East as if headed towards Chan klan - the shop is large and set back on the left hand side after a short distance.

But if all you need is a valve reseated/ground, there's many places that can do that. I use a mechanic near me who did a ring and valve job on my wife's car and he did an excellent job,K. Indh has an excellent reputation and has done a lot of repair work for me, his business is located just off Narwatkate Road, East of the river, PM me for details if needed.

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Thanks for the replies guys.

I am worried that the few she went to today were quoting to without even looking at the car. I would have thought a compression test a least before determining how much was needed to be done

cheers smile.png

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