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Buying House In Bkk--where`s Good?

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I am moving to Bangkok in the next two weeks. My husband will be woking in Silom, I will be working in Samut Prakarn, and his family lives in Nonthaburi.

We want to live somewhere (1) within an hour commute of Samut Prakarn and (2)with easy access to his mom (who is north of WongSawang off Phibun Songkran Rd.)....

I know this is kind of a tall order as Nonthaburi and Samut Prakarn couldn`t be farther apart but...

We are looking to buy a detached house --about 3 br with a yard-- for under 3 mil baht. Can anyone recommend areas we should look that fulfil there requirements...?

Any other advice for a farang wife of a Thai who is moving to BKK for the first time?



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I don't know Samut Prakarn too well but am quite familiar with Nonthaburi. There are quite a few nice detached houses fairly close to the pier. You are then within pretty good commuting time from anywhere on the river. I'd start looking there.

3 mil baht maybe a bit tight tho'. I think most people on the forum will advise you to rent first.

Happy house hunting! :o

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