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Thailand, Myanmar seal narcotics suppression pact


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Thailand, Myanmar seal narcotics suppression pact
By Digital Content


BANGKOK, Nov 3 -- Thailand and Myanmar have reached an agreement on narcotics suppression in border areas, especially in the Golden Triangle.

The agreement was made during the visit of Justice Minister Paiboon Koomchaya and Permpong Chavalit, secretary-general of the Narcotics Control Board, to Myanmar on Friday.

The Office of the Narcotics Control Board reported that the justice minister's delegation met Myanmar's Minister of Home Affairs Lt Gen Koko, Minister of the President's Office U Aung Min, and Minister of Border Affairs Pol Lt Gen Thet Naing Win.

Both sides agreed to cooperate on narcotics suppression. Myanmar reported that it arrested a large number of traffickers and seized a significant amount of drugs in border areas.

They also agreed to help each other arrest suspects fleeing to each other's soil. Thailand informed Myanmar of specific border areas needing serious attention.

In addition, Thailand and Myanmar emphasized the Safe Mekong Project as drug smuggling is active in the Mekong River region and concerns Thailand, China, Laos and Myanmar.

Authorities of the four countries will launch joint narcotic suppression there in the near future. Thailand is ready to provide Myanmar with equipment and vehicles to help expand its narcotics suppression activities in the Golden Triangle.

Myanmar asked Thailand to expand areas under the Alternative Development Project that the Office of the Narcotics Control Board and the Mae Fah Luang Foundation implement to improve the living conditions of Myanmar people living in border areas to cut narcotics production.

The project is set for six years of implementation, from 2013 to 2018. Thailand accepted the request and the parties will set up a working group to work out details for the expansion. (MCOT online news)

-- TNA 2014-11-03
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The Burmese government hasn't got very much influence in their part of the triangle. But I suppose the agreement is a cosmetic thing for western countries. "Look how we changed." Still rotten to the core on the inside though.

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It is all very well signing pieces of paper and having a gab fest over Lobster and Chardonnay , but is anything going to happen?coffee1.gif

I think as some others have suggested, Thailand and Mynmar will continue to vertically integrate the narcotic supply chain from

factory and farm to their respective consumer base.

One does hope that the recent moves within thailand to step up drug enforcement intelligence gathering and attempts to dismantle the major supply chains really is indicative of a desire to suppress drug consumption. Continued focus on supplier

over the consumers will deliver much better results in driving up price and shortening supply. Increased crime associated associated with the minority of addicts impacted to the point of committing offenses against people and property can be dealt with in the usual manner.

Rather than throwing resources at targeting low level dealers and users, which fills prisons and yet the supply is constant and unaffected.

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The headline, should have read:

Thailand, Myanmar seal narcotics distribution pact

Exactly. Been going on for decades. Read the political books that are banned in Thailand. For a reason. Hence military wealth here and over the border.

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A cynic might suggest that the military are feeling the pinch from "independent" operators........................

Since when are the RTP independent......................

JOC, why'd you mix the RTP into this, isn't it distribution they enforce, while it's the RTA enforcing manufacturing and importing?

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