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Divorce any amphur


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If you get divorced in same Amphur as you got married in then it is much simpler. Just take original marriage certificate and both of your id/passport

Yea ,,,and if the lovely lady in question does not complies,,,, IMAO best to get a plane ticket & disappear ,,,.

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An update on the divorce. Went to British embassy to get my passport verified around B3600. Took this document to get translated into Thai B400. Went to sathon amphur with this document and passport and marriage certificate. The wife had her id she had to get an additional document from the police down the road which took 10 mins B20. We had no witnesses but the guy in the office doing the divorce translated for me and got his colleagues to witness the papers, cost B500. Took most of the day

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This morning, before the divorce, I went through some reports here on TV and got worried that I may need certified copy of my passport. For me, being from Serbia, it would mean an ordeal lasting weeks, flying to Europe, visiting various offices and getting two dozens of stamps both in Serbia and Thailand.

Luckily, they just required the two flowery marriage certificates (original). My ex-wife didn't have one so she ran to the police station and 5 minutes later she had a paper that allowed us to proceed with divorce. We had our custom agreement (3 copies). They needed signed copies of her ID, my passport and two witnesses' IDs. We signed it all, they gave us each a divorce certificate and another paper which describes the details. Finished in 10 minutes. No need for certified copy of passport!

This was in amphur office of Ko Phangan, Surat Thani.

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