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new mall


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Just found an entry in the Thai WiKi translating as: Robinson Lifestyle Center (?).

Opening date is specified there as 19. Dec

But the locals will soon know better laugh.png

A "Robinson Mukdahan" FB page:


Also reads like opening Dec 19.

Buriram should open in 2015, Chaiyaphum in 2016. That seems to be the plan.

(fairly outdated FB page)


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Was just there today, if you are a Top Card holder, Tops has a great deal on Whole Turkeys, I just bought one for under ฿800 for a 3.96 kilogram turkey, a savings of about ฿500 over non card holders. I was going to buy a turkey breast, but the the whole turkey was twice as big and only about ฿150 more. Oh these are Butter Ball Turkeys.

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went to the mall monday around 1030 it was like a nobody there,

the word got out that,nothing was cheap in the mall


most thai's went to the grand opening over the week end,it was packed,

all the thai's that went over the week end,told the wife,that every thing was "pang mock"

they won't be going back

the parking lot had little or no cars, steak house wasn't open yet they said a few more days, looks like a nice movie house on the 2nd floor





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