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Top university discovers connection between mobile phone use and decreased brain size.

Can samui

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Ok, kinda fudged on the title a bit.

When I first came to Thailand the mobile phone craze was in its infancy and as I am a fairly polite and considerate man I constantly watched out for other people when walking and would shift my weight when passing someone who was obviously distracted by their life on the phone.

It has now become all a bit too much, thus the title tag line.

Was just in Bangkok and I swear, every second person on the sidewalk had their head down and buried in their phone. My patience is now officially finished.

I no longer shift my weight to allow the distracted person so flow on by, I now brace up and defend my precious chunk of our dear sweet planet.

Most offenders are younger, hell, everyone is younger than me now.

Can what dear Somchai, their best friend, is up to right now be all that important? Is what Somchai is having for lunch be the focal point of their day?

Ok.....rant over.

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Whew had me worried for a minute. Most Thais can't afford to have any further reduction in brain size.

But on a more serious note, I have to agree that the mobile phone usage is simply over the top these days. Just take a look around in restaurants, airports, even stores, all the young people (and many oldsters as well) have their heads buried in their cell phones. Have to believe that it has replaced TV (I mean television) as the opiate of the masses. (The other TV is the opiate of the farang. cheesy.gif )

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