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How much to pay (and where) for an average male jacket off-the-shelf.


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Sure I can go to Siam Paragon and similar and pay top dollar.

But no doubt there are other places that sell reasonable quality at reasonable prices.

I need it for NYE and beyond so I do not want custom made.

Just average quality (by 'average' I do not use that word in a demeaning manner - if you know what I mean) and reasonable price.

Somewhere around the Siam BTS or Sukhumvit BTSs or Sathorn/Silom areas please.

Any help appreciated.



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The guy dosent want to pay top dollar so that counts out all the department stores around the BTS stations he mentioned, of course clothes in department stores in BKK are anywhere from 20 to 50% cheaper than his home country assuming hes a farang, so unless hes built like a Thai guy he hasnt got much hope of getting a jacket for NYE.

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