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Terrestrial digital TV in Chiang Mai


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Has anyone used the 690 Baht coupon to get a digital set top box? I am assuming that all of the digital channels are broadcast out of Bangkok so I was wondering how the reception is. Any suggestions on an external antenna for this box?


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We got 2 of these boxes,very easy to set up,just

plug in HDMI cable or AV cables (both Supplied)

in to whatever tv you have,I also bought an antenna

180THB plus extra for 10 mtr cable,its an outside aerial

but just have it propped up at the window pointing to Doi

Sutep,promised i would get it install outside after

the holidays,maybe!

regards Worgeordie P.S. picture excellent,

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I am 40KM SW of CM City, we have about 30 Channels of crystal clear (drivel) just using our normal aerial. (We could barely see the terrestrial CH7 or CH5 - maybe a blessing? - before getting this box)

Try it with your ordinary aerial before buying a new one, you might be surprised.

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