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  1. Sadistic <deleted> , I hope he gets much worse when he is inside, regards Worgeordie
  2. The rest of the World din't , it will be China next ,but will be with electric cars.....laugh at that regards worgeordie
  3. When I was a youngster I started to know what I wanted my future to be, I was not reading comics , but atlases and adventure magazines like Wide World Magazine, etc.. I wanted to travel the World, see exciting things, retire early, so I knew I would have to start saving money , at about 12 was out selling eggs, potatoes, and firewood (sticks), around the houses with a barrow, fast forward, through hard work and luck in business , retired at 42 , I was in a business that enabled me to travel to many countries around the World , I have had a
  4. Lots of Thai landlords will blame you for everything, the sooner you inform them the better...most likely a bad paint job, with cheap paint. or it's snowing regards Worgeordie
  5. They are most likely Bilberry's , used to get them from Nordic countries, when I was in the trade many years ago, they used to come in large tins, grows on low bushes .... regards Worgeordie
  6. If it was a gang ...might have just been for personal use.... regards Worgordie
  7. Yes , I am unhappy at all these posts about ,people been unhappy in Thailand, if anyone is unhappy here ,just b*gger off to somewhere where you can find happiness ,you are bringing others down. regards Worgeordie
  8. They also have a few up here in Chiang Mai, regards Worgeordie
  9. I had a problem sending some Cashew nuts, dried fruits, from Chiang Mai post office, they say you are not allowed to send that kind thing, as they were just packed in pouches without brand ,details Etc., it must be ANOTHER, new law as I have never had problems before, so I advise you to check first. regards Worgeordie
  10. They must be the tops......at sowing willy's back on ........ regards worgeordie
  11. I am already well passed my sell by date of 3 score and 10 , when it happens I hope its quick and painless ,that's all I ask. regards Worgeordie
  12. The driver of the pickup said he was overtaking another vehicle, I think what he means is he was" undertaking " it, to be fair to him he has admitted that he was in the wrong ,takes responsibility when others come up with all kinds of excuses, and never their fault. RIP motorbike man. regards Worgeordie
  13. This is what happens when you cannot get a woman, they will stick their cock in anything laying around, Before they do that you would think they would use something that would be easier to remove. regards worgeordie
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