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Friends of John Devenport (Little John)


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Here is the latest:

Change from a private party of family and friends for the ashes being spread in a boat to a ceremony at a temple and then move on by land to Laem Phrom Thpep Cape.

There will be a Temple ceremony 16th. Jan. 9:30 am with the Monk. I hour at the temple and we shall move on to Laem Phrom Thep Cape. Everyone invited!

Go to this link for a map: http://goo.gl/maps/Rf5p2

There is no change to the wake:

There will be a wake for Little John at Gig's Jam Club Saturday the 17th from about 8 pm onwards where the Thai band Cold Chilli will be playing on the night. John requested a wake at a watering hole in Phuket where a band was playing and where Tony (Chainsaw) Wilson could sing a few of John's favorites for everyone.

Go to this link for a map: http://www.phuket.net/directory/nightlife-entertainment/bars-pubs/gigs-jam-club/

Little John's son Tony will be at both locations so come by and pay your respects to a great guy's son!

see you there,

Brad Kenny (GOMS)

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Ok, apologies done, water under the bridge gentlemen...I didn't at all know Little John, RIP, but just to turn this thread back to honoring your friend, who by all accounts here seemed a great gent, why don't one of you share an amusing anecdote or something nice he did for you or someone else? (I'd also be curious to know which go-kart track he started?)

Why don't you come to the wake? You would be welcome.

His ex-partner (Go-Karts) will be there and I can guarantee there will be plenty of anecdotes from the people who knew him.

Thx for the kind invite Chainsaw, though frankly and with all due respect to one who has passed, it would have to be a family member or a very very close friend to get me at a wake/funeral/celebration of life. Of course I reckon few people are actually super comfortable at such affairs, but for a guy who's been an adrenaline junky for over 40 years, truth be told they make me feel kind of guilty/ashamed in a weird way, if that makes sense, so I try to avoid them and anything that reminds me too strongly of that greedy dude called the Grim Reaper.

There's nothing better than a close encounter with the grim reaper to get the adrenaline surging... come on down! thumbsup.gif

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