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Tropicana City Gardens


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Has anyone purchased a unit in Tropicana City Gardens? I was one of the first back in 2013 with a start date given to me of December of 2013. This last fall I hired a lawyer to assist in recovering my funds from Global Top Group. Global literally ignored all letters written to them by my lawyer. My lawyer was about to sue in court when I approached Global concerning this and they snoozed me into settling otherwise by selling my unit, but it was only a stall technique. Since then I am still in limbo with Global. The project has finally started construction, but it's to late for me. I want out.

Has anyone else had any experience with Tropicana City Gardens or with Global Top Group? I know they have several successful projects around town so they aren't completely a loosing company but they sure have treated me like ****. The project manager is quite nice but seems to have no authority to make any decisions for the company.

Looking forward to any comments.....or if you are interested in buying a ground floor unit with pool access please let me know.

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