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Electric Bill

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HI. I rented a house in Pattaya on March 8. On March 20 the first electric bill came for 1100 baht. I know how many units I used (only 20) and the rate, but the first line is for 892 baht and no one (so far) knows what this is or how to calculate it. The first 3 boxes across the top give current meter reading, starting meter reading, then units used. The next box down is the one in question. The box below that is # units used 'times' the rate. Any ideas? I called the electric company but no one spoke English. Thank you.

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Yeah agree, bit boring :o But anyway....check that you don't have other people using the electric for "free". Check the power lines outside the house & see if they are linked to another proprty. This has happened to a lot of mates on mine on Samui. Rented a house & then the bill comes & they find out they are supplying electric for the owner or family members living behind then. If thats not the case then take a trip to the landlord & ask them to explain why it's so high. Also if you have aircon, it can up the price a lot if not used conservatley.

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I live in central Thailand and do use my air cons.

The bill in question is for 12 days, and if you run aircon of any size then that is not out of reason for the number of days.

We have 2 bath with hot water heaters and one in the kitchen,2 reefers and 2 TVs, 35,000 BTU of aircon and a water pump and our bill runs about 1100 baht per week.

But when I had an apt in CM I payed the owners bill too,I didn't know that at the time ,so you might want to check as you might be paying for someone else too. :o

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Our house is in Isan, Udornthani.

3 Aircons (used all day & night)

Hot water

Water pump

Electric lights


It works out to £2/day -- 140B/Day

I hope this helps Edd

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And some meters has a white colour last digit. This is by some interpreted as the figure AFTER the decimal point and by other meter readers as just another figure.

When I moved house, I suddently saw a 10 fold decrease in the bill :o All the while, I had been paying 10 times the rate. Please beware!

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