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Patak's Indian Products in Bangkok


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Tops in Phuket has an entire shelf full of their stuff. Request it and see what happens.

I use all of their stuff, but the lemon pickle jar is not good. I always get food poisoning from only that one product (3 times, 3 different jars). But love it, otherwise.

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I don't think you will find Pataks in Thailand anymore,unless there

is a different importer,Tops up here in Chiang Mai have sold out (every where)

of curry pastes,but plenty of Lemon Pickle,and I dont think they will

be getting anymore,like a lot of things here,it comes and goes.

regards worgeordie

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Probably because in the UK you can pick up a large jar for under a quid and often it's on offer as well.

Making fresh curry in Thailand has to be the easiest thing going, why pay exorbitant prices for sub -

standard goods (unless you have minimum cooking space).

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