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Vasectomy at PDA Clinic


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I'm looking for anyone with recent experience or information (last 6-12 months) on having a vasectomy done at the PDA clinic in Sukhumvit. I'm planning to get one done there this month.

Some of things I'd like to know are:


1. What are the opening hours and do you have to make an appointment?

2.Is it still a donation or a fixed cost?

3. Is it best to lie about how many kids I have, so I don't get to get denied? (I'm 40 with no kids)

4.What were the nurses and doctor like and how did the procedure generally go?

5. How many days of rest from work are recommended?

And anything else that may help.



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i had mine done in the us.

no pain

was done on a friday went back to work on monday (auto technician)

over weekend ice packs.

about the worst part of the procedure was shaving all the hair off. wife loved doing it.

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