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Demand for Thai rice in Peru grows


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Demand for Thai rice in Peru grows


BANGKOK, 17 April 2017 (NNT) - The Ministry of Commerce is set to launch a marketing scheme aimed at boosting Thai rice exports to Peru following an escalating demand. 

According to Commerce Minister Apiradee Tantaraporn, Peru consumes 1.8 million tons of rice each year, the largest amount in Latin America. 65% of imported rice is from Uruguay, 22% from Brazil, 9% from Thailand, and the rest from elsewhere. 

In the past five years, demand for Thai rice in Peru has grown continuously with the export value standing at 15.3 million US dollars in 2016, a significant 72% increase from the year before. 

To boost demand for Thai rice, the Ministry of Commerce has instructed the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) to develop a marketing plan and continue its effort to promote Thai rice among Peruvian importers.

-- nnt 2017-04-17
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