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Hiring a local assistant

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Hello! Can anyone recommend a good way to hire a local assistant?


I'm here for 1 year on a ED visa as a way to learn the language but I plan to live here indefinitely. Either Thai Elite or Business Visa after ED visa.


I'd like to hire a local that speaks English to assist in a business I am starting related to clothing and trade.


Thanks in advance! Apologizes if this is a dumb or obvious question, still getting my bearings here.

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You cannot set up a Business here - and obtain a Work Permit with the correct Visa (and Thai Elite does not qualify you for a Work Permit) - without establishing a Thai Registered Company and employing 4 Thai Staff.


That's just your first step to overcome.



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Thanks for the info!


I should clarify: I'm actually not trying to start the business here, it'll be a US company that buys from Thai companies and imports into US.


I want an assistant/employee to help with negotiating, sourcing, and other daily tasks.

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