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Monsoon rains ravage several Thai provinces in upper region


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Monsoon rains ravage several provinces in upper region




BANGKOK: -- More rains are expected this weekend in the country’s northeastern and eastern regions while rainfall will decrease today in the northern and central region after being ravaged by floods and storms early this week.


The Meteorological Department forecast heavy to very heavy rainstorms in the Northeast and East until weekend, while rainfall in the North and Central will decrease, thus easing the food situation in many provinces ravaged by floods early this week, and yesterday.


Flash flood in Mae Ramat district of Tak claimed the lives of a Myanmar mother and her son.


A group of 10 Myanmar migrant workers, including the two victims, were trying to swim across a creek to harvest crops as flash flood was flowing down.


But the mother and son were swept away by the strong current while eight others could survive. The body of the mother was found one kilometer away while her son is still missing.


In Prankratai district of Kampheng Phet, flooding has extended to cover almost the entire town.


Prankratai district hospital was under 70 centimetres of water since last night, forcing the hospital to close and hospital staff have to evacuate patients to nearby hospitals.


But by late yesterday, the flooding has gradually receded.


In Loei province’s Dansai district, the Mae Nam Man river has overflowed banks after raining for four continuous days, causing flooding in Dansai town.


The flooding was said to be the worst in 100 years for this northern town.


Also flooded yesterday by rains are Sukhothai, Kamphaeng Phet, Phitsanulok, and Nakhon Sawan.


Full story: http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/monsoon-rains-ravage-several-provinces-upper-region/

-- © Copyright Thai PBS 2017-05-19
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We are having the first natural flood we have experienced here since we bought the place.The water comes so slow,not like when they just open the dam. We thought no problem this year. When we usually get floods it comes in late august or early sept. This is really odd.I am ready to walk away from this property and buy new.

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In speaking with folks in my factory, they say this has been the mildest summer they have experienced in many years and the rain season started very early and much heavier. Could be a long season for some unfortunately. 

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aha... the upper region has 3 subregions... the most upper one is excluded from this news, the Northern upper subregion..... which is where I live....

and the places that might actually be involved are....

the Northeast upper subregion....

and the East subregion... of the upper region. 


but then it mentions Tak..... 


is that ****another**** subregion.. of the upper region?


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