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Speed Test Defaults to Australian Server


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I am connected to internet using TOT Wiinet. When I try to run a TOT speed test I get a message stating that the IP address is beyond the responsibility of TOT and cites an IP address that is clearly not in Thailand (begins with 45.).

When I run a speed test on speedtest.net it tests the speed from a server based in Sydney, Australia, even though my VPN is turned off! Similarly, if I use testmy.net it also tests a server in Australia.

Yet when I check my network connection details it comes up with my Thai IP address.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

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IP addresses are registered to each provider, who keep a lists for matching purposes for local services (so they don't get abused).

But sometimes all the addresses used by their internal equipment or even their DHCP WAN Pool aren't entered. 


Does this address match the WAN address displayed on the status page of your Router/Gateway?  

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