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  1. One million tourists to watch a live perfomance? Not to forget the locals. And I thought there were strict limits on the size of gatherings!
  2. TAT. One minute announcing unbelievable figures, the next discouraging tourists from visiting. Simply not fit for the purpose.
  3. Could it be the confusion is not so much caused by the wording but by the way they change the rules every five minutes?
  4. They should also scrap the compulsory 7 nights at an SHA+ hotel. Let people stay where they want to, whether at their homes or at the hotel of their choice. The SHA+ requirement will kill small hotels and guesthouses who simply don't have the facilities to get the certification and also put off repeat guests, including long stayers, who want a choice. Thoiugh perhaps this is what the authorities want, judging by the total lack of support during the pandemic.
  5. Yep. Booking.com have already informed the hotels registered with them that they will be collecting an additional 7% on the collectable commission amount.
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