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  1. I like the last sentence The notice was marked as accurate as of yesterday (Oct 22). In other words, the rules cold change any time! TiT
  2. I note from the TAT announcement that a certificate of entry is still required. It's just off-putting for many potential travellers, if they moved into the 21st century and gave instant confirmation, electronically attached to the passport then it would be an improvement. This, along with mask wearing and lack of alcohol and nightlife will stop the floodgates from opening.
  3. Kevin was a friend of mine. Lovely guy, taken much too soon. Sadly I won't be able to make the funeral. RIP Kev.
  4. So, where are the figures for the number of AZ doses produced by Siam Bioscience? Unless I've missed something, the number seems rather elusive!
  5. Remember, this is Anutin speaking on behalf of the Health Department. At some point we'll have the CCSA commenting on the requirements, followed by the TAT, at least a couple of provincial Governors, Prayut himself, the Ministry of Tourism, Immigration, the Thai Hotels Association, the TCT and Uncle Tom Cobleigh and All. And everything will be as clear as mud!
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