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  1. Is it too late to for Thailand to join Covax? Who was the idiot who decided not to Land of Stupid in this case.
  2. I think this is due to their medical system? If you aren't a register resident for example in Chon Buri and you are from another province and get sick and need to use a facility in Chon Buri you don't qualify for the 30 baht NHS rate? Thus the reason for them traveling back regardless of them being infected. If this is true! Wouldn't someone in charge during this pandemic figure this out and wave this provision so they can contain the problem?
  3. I did a million last year from Charles Schwab to my Bangkok Bank rate not as good as Wise but not bad either 500 baht max.
  4. it isn't the Pattaya sandbox, it is called Moving on? LOL
  5. Infrastructure is the best way to obtain government funds, skimming off the top for these officials is a why of life.
  6. Another story to feed into our mines we aren't making this stuff up or going out of our way to bash them! The thinking here is just backwards and that is being very very kind!
  7. She meant business! There is a curfew 9pm to 4am, he came home broke curfew she told him off he snapped went off try to attack her a switch went off and she proved she wasn't <deleted> around!
  8. He is in charge for a reason! picked and put there before the man passes and it worked as noted if replaced who will take his place everyone in place now is part of the swamp and those who want him out have their own agenda because they aren't getting their share. The youth movement more educated don't truly have a leader willing to take the pain nor does the followers then you need to have a plan not just removing him the entire system has to be change that means pretty much getting rid of every leader in the country now leadership is like a musical chair and that isn't going to work since e
  9. No surprise! they got their heads up the tunnel of the Chinese so far they won't ever see the light nor will they have the fortitude to tell them NO but Hell NO, this is the same with the Chinese vaccine, no data, now no positive results yet they continue to buy and use?
  10. Sadly nothing is going to happen from the protest especially his removal but it is entertaining to see how far they might go?
  11. Normally you must be 18 years basically graduated with a certificate from High School to obtain a job at 7/11, Big C, Tesco, If they are working prior to that age it is usually someone they know family etc.
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