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  1. I enjoy most of it - except some of the cat hollering music that clears ear wax & melts tooth enamel.... I've never felt anything but good hearted kinship while participating....
  2. Thanks, any way you can direct me to one that works? The one's I checked so far are set up for businesses/office/sales & I don't see any SMS option....
  3. It's ok on the Wise site/app....The BofA side sends out the one time code BUT only will use a US phone number....In trying to enter a Thai number there's not enough room/digits for input....
  4. That's for $1500 US... Direct transfer BofA to BKK.... Wise rate for the same transfer is about $27 through the Wise app....
  5. Wise cost about $27.00 - direct banking app bank to bank transfer $90.00....
  6. I just went in to transfer money using Wise....US to TH.... They have added a new step....Prior to the US bank (BofA) releasing funds, they send a one time use code that needs to be input to finalize for payment.... The phone number they used is an old prepaid US number from one of our trips back.... I went to the BofA website to change the phone number to my Thai number = international numbers are not accepted.... Even though my instructions on the account are email contact only there was no email sent....I also cannot update any information to BofA because they now
  7. Where is the 90 day check in desk at the Promenada ?
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