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  1. Every visa applicant must attend a visa application centre to give biometrics. One of the points of giving biometrics is to compare them with previously given biometrics, to make sure that it is the same person applying.
  2. This is the wrong forum. But to answer your question(s), the applicant must go to Bangkok (or another visa application centre, if open) to give biometrics. And, yes, you can use a Bangkok agency, or an agency based anywhere, even outside Thailand. The application is submitted online, but the applicant still needs to give biometrics in person.
  3. When/if you get a confirmation, this information is given : In case you need transportation services during curfew hours, taxi drivers from Howa International have been vaccinated and are able to drive you round trip to and from the hospital during curfew hours. You can contact Howa International through their Line Official Account at: https://lin.ee/fDWlsrx
  4. Consular Section. I have been in email correspondence with one of the hospitals on the Intervac list that you have referred us to. Initially, the hospital said that all over 70's could register, then changed it to needing to appear in person at the hospital to register, then, when I informed them that I live near Pattaya, it was changed to the policy applying only to people who live in Bangkok or the surrounding red zones. At no time was the hospital obstructive in any way other than stating that they are bound by (new) government requirements (which seemingly mainly, if not wholly), vaccin
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