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  1. They should be easy to locate. The wonderful TM30 system surely means that they will have (if non-Thai, of course) reported their whereabouts to Immigration within 24 hours or, if returning to their previous address in Thailand, can be located from the TM30/90-day report records ? Surely the TM30 system is as foolproof as the wonderful 90-day reporting system ?
  2. Consular Section, is there any update on this yet ? I am still unaware of any definitive information on the "new" insurance requirement for entry to Thailand. If there has been an update, then I aplogise as I must have missed it. Many of us are reluctant to travel outside of Thailand as we are not sure what is needed to return.
  3. You are hopefully aware of the new requirement for all "visitors" to hold at least $50,000 insurance coveragein order to enter Thailand, even those of us who are on annual extensions of stay. I have no problem with requiring visitors to hold medical insurance for the period of their visit, and I do have health insurance already. However, this new requirement means that those of us who live in Thailand on annual extensions of stay, and who already need to hold bank balances of up to 800,000 THB, must now purchase mandatory insurance for up to, possibly, 12 months even if we only leave Thaiolan
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