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  1. I am not going to defend the 90-day reports which I think are absolutely ridiculous. However, otherwise, I do not think you are being objective. Getting a US green card is akin to getting Thai permanent residence status. It is not at all easy. Similarly, if you want to go on overstay, this is at least as easy in Thailand as it is in the US. If you want to be in the US legally, you need a visa which is only issued for a limited period if you qualify. Illegal entry into Thailand is easier than illegal entry into the US, and the only advantage illegals have in the US over those in Thailand is tha
  2. This is a controversial area. My own view, based on experience, is that the best people to develop application test cases are the developers themselves. The tests should be written at the same time as the code itself. The reason is that the developer should be able to identify edge cases more easily than an independent quality assurance team. This demands professional and well trained developers, and procedures should be in place that facilitates developers checking each other's work. Closely related are robust diagnostics and appropriate self documenting code. Part of good project management
  3. I took a quick look at the DNS records for eservices.immigration.go.th using MX Toolbox. Email is being managed via Google Apps (a good choice as Google does almost all the work of ensuring the DNS configuration is correct). However, one record that is not managed automatically is the DMARC record. Predictably, given the general technical competence in evidence, no DMARC record is published. This will reduce the trust level on mail messages sent for eservices.immigration.go.th, which explains why grey listing is being used as an anti spam measure (requiring resending after a delay before the m
  4. It looks as though Google is using greylisting, which has the effect of delaying the delivery of email that looks like spam, but allowing a later retry to be delivered (albeit into the spam folder).
  5. Since you talk about a 30-day initial stay, I assume you are talking about a visa exempt entry, not a visa on arrival. I further assume that you are not entering with a transit visa. This is important as the permission to stay from a (15 day) visa on arrival or (30 day) transit visa are not eligible for normal extensions. Anyway, no insurance is need to extend the permission to stay on a visa exempt entry.
  6. I have not examined the page, but I think a Captcha must involve server side processing of some kind. If it is all handled on the client side, it will be too easy for a robot to circumvent it. Of course, I may be giving the developers too much credit for correct design.
  7. Right! The message "Gateway Time-out" in reality means that the punch card reader feed is jammed.
  8. Clearly, the record of your previous 90-day reports has not been entered into the new system (which does not surprise me). The system only knows about 90-day reports within its own database.
  9. If you have enough money that the cost would not be unacceptable, a Thailand Elite membership might be an option. I have the impression that you expect to make frequent visits to Thailand over many years. Under those circumstances, Thailand Elite gives you maximum flexibility, albeit at a price.
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