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  1. And one day you take a longer drive, use the breaks a bit more than usual and at 100km/h you notice the breaks don't work anymore. So to have the speed down fast you need to put it 1st gear. Hope your clutch can still handle it
  2. Sorry, The correct statement should have been "Most manufactures recommends break-fluid to be replaced every second year even if the car is unused." Not sure why I missed the word "second" in my first post.
  3. Maybe some one stole your debit card information and used it to register a PayPal account?
  4. Hydraulic fluid for the breaks! Should actually be replaced every year even if the car is used. You might get some water in the fluid and if you drive fast and break hard the water can turn in to bubbles and that might cause your breaks to fail.
  5. My lawyer prepares all papers needed for the extension, take all pictures at our office needed to proof we have over 4 Thai working per "Farang" prepare all documents from Revenue and SSO office, prepare DBD papers etc... and certify all documents that needs it so he is sure all documents is in order, then he go very very early to CW, pick a que ticket to get a que ticket and then he waits for hours and let me know when its about one hour to our turn, I arrive (usually around 13.30) have to wait 15-30 minutes, smile and joke a bit whit the officer, take my picture, I pay the government fee, an
  6. How can an office girl do the extension interview and have your picture taken? This was about getting 90 days report done at the same time as renewal of VISA (Extension of stay) with a new passport and about doing the 90 day report only.
  7. Not really. When you get exposed to a virus or bacteria, there is an incubation time. Before you test positive or get sick, you carry the Virus, but in so small amounts they are undetectable. Then after a period of time they have multiplied to an amount that is detectable and you test positive. If that time happens during your flight your are very very unlucky. Also different tests has different levels of sensitivity for the threshold when it says you are positive or not. And there is these false positives and negatives.
  8. That would not be possible, There is an incubation time about 7 days. So if your flight is shorter than that you can not get a positive result on arrival. But what might happen is the passenger sitting close to you on the plane is tested positive, then you might have some kind of problem. Or you get contaminated some days before you enter the plane and you are the one who potentially gives it to others.
  9. Take it easy folks... It's not 1st of November yet. Before that the list probably has changed 5-6 times.
  10. Im not sure what you mean by extension interview, I usually just go there to have my Picture taken and pay the fee. My lawyer does all the heavy work like be there 6.30am and wait the whole day. I'm in and out within the hour. Might take longer this upcoming time because I also have a new Passport. Is it different because my stay is based on work, or is it when my lawyer hand in the documents you referring to? If its when we hand in all the documents, as it is now the places to get the extension and 90 days report is in different building some kilometers apart.
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