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  1. They're OK, but from LHR, Eva normally have bigger seats for the same price. Not sure if Eva only fly 3 times a week though.
  2. Seeing as you live in a remote area, maybe if you go to the local bank with your wife and the village 'urpator', you might stand a better chance of persuading the manager to use thier discretion. Something that they all seem to do when they feel like. It certainly helps if you know someone who knows someone in said bank. For sure you need a local branch, as otherwise, you'll be losing money every time you make a transaction. What is it... 20 baht every time if not your branch?
  3. Sounds like you had a bet with yourself to see how many times you could fit the word "landlady" into one of your yarns.
  4. I'm in London. Its 11 degrees right now. I hate you
  5. IMHO a good brand dry dog food has all the nutrients that your dog needs. Its better and more balanced than any wet stuff, as the wet stuff contains water, and a diet of mostly meat would have the same health risks as it would for us humans.
  6. If the builder is good, then it's the higher end of average. For that amount of money in the sticks, you should get the right thickness of concrete with the right ree bar, and the right guage of wiring and good quality electric fittings. Beware of builders who can do it on the cheap. They may be honest and hard working, but the standard of workmanship and materials may not be to the standard required, and you could find yourself with a large snag list 2 or 3 years down the line.
  7. Dogs are very social by nature. They are pack animals with a simple social structure. I remember having the same reservations taking my dog to the beach years ago. The situation was exactly the same. After a few trips, and a few tense moments, my dog was accepted by all. It did help that I took scraps along and distracted them at first.
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