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  1. MorProm APP is taking appointments (Bi-lingual) starting November for, as I understand, handing out the passport . enter Vac Certificate and Passport on App. !!! This seems to be for BKK pick-up only. !!! Locally, processing time about 5 working days.
  2. “no” to be added carefully listen to born under a bad sign, a.o. by Cream
  3. It can easily be argued that this information only exacerbates the suspicion.
  4. on my first retirement extension I used an agent to avoid the long queues. apparently, I was the first of her clients who had money in the Bank, you should have seen her face ... After that, just prepared the paperwork myself and queued. Recommend to get the updated list of requirements a week or so before handing in the application and Bob's your uncle.
  5. Moreover, by using such <agents> to knowingly avoid certain documented requirements, one could be suspected of aiding and abetting the facilitation-money-cycle that so many people despise.
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