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  1. 3 hours ago, cygan said:

    I had an account with TW now called Wise, transfering money to Thailand for my childs pvte education in Bururam, out of the blue they stopped my account, managed to finally text them and requested a review, still said no and no reason given, I had a residual sum of money about 2000 dollars and to date that has not been returned to me. I spoke with an international broker that suggested that when these companies reach a certain daily new listings they can cancell say a 100 accounts each with about a 1000 dollars citing govt money laundering laws and then invest the money on the open market before finally returning it. I believe that is exactly what WISE did and on researching find I am not the only one. BEWARE of WISE!!!. Happened about 2 mths ago. I did not use them much but was stupid enough to leave money in the proxy account.

    Wise after the event comes to mind. Just use Wise to transfer money to Thailand, why use it any other way.

  2. On 11/6/2021 at 2:51 PM, Marjf said:

    No reply.  Have made multiple appliations to the black hole!  Acknowledgement but no QR code.  Many seem to be applying using the Alternative Quarantine system and getting replies but I am not willing to risk 10 days in a hotel room.

    You are obviously doing something that the system does not like. Try a gmail e mail address, check your SPAM folder. Use a different browser. Although the system isnt perfect if you have made miltiple applications you would have got one back ok.

  3. Lets be realistic and forget the volunteer visa. First of all make sure stay in Pattaya. Secondly you can either enter either visa exempt and visit an agent and pay about 25k for a combined Non O and retirement extension or get a Non O outside the country and get a retirement extension for 13K. Just wonder up Soi Bukeau and visit an agent.

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  4. 52 minutes ago, ubonjoe said:

    A TM30 report is not required unless you change your registered address if on a extension of stay and enter on with a re-entry permit. A stay in hotel does not change your address.

    The regulation for TM30 reporting that went into effect in June of last year basically states if on a extension of stay or a multiple entry visa a report is only needed if you change your address or enter the country with a new visa.

    Thank you Joe, thats very clear. I hope you are keeping well 

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  5. Ignore the people telling you that you have to book the flight before applying for the visa from the UK. All you need to do is do an online booking and stop before the payment stage where it shows your itinerary. Take a screenshot on your phone and submit that. 100's of people have done it and this is the advice on the Facebook help groups. I assure yoi it works as long as you show flight numbers.

  6. 1 minute ago, internationalism said:

    that's on departure. And is already included in PCR test for 2300b (that is now stheir special offer).

    Thailandpass won't accept it, should be a local doctor

    No its not she has provided this service to people overseas for months now. She is well known for doing this on the Facebook help groups. Personal friend of mine on Facebook.

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  7. On 10/10/2021 at 9:54 AM, jaiyen said:

    But they forget that to get tourists in there have to be planes flying to make it happen ! Not many airlines flying right now or for a long time into the future


    Again another uninformed answer from isolated Australia. Not many planes flying in Australia, but in the rest of the world there are many many options to fly to Thailand. Most arlines flying in and out of Thailand. BA no, EVA no and Thai limited but there are Emirates, Qatar, Etihad, KLM, Lufthansa, Finnair, Swiss, Austrian, Turkish to name a few. All operating normal schedules.

  8. On 10/13/2021 at 1:46 PM, jaiyen said:

    Thailand is getting about 10,000 new cases every day and Anutin and the PM think it is ready to open up to tourists ! Western Australia has 0, yes, ZERO, and we are not open for tourists.  I know where I want to stay.

    Pathetic statement. Australia has really c**ked up the way that covid has been handled. You cant lockdown forever. As soon as you open then you will get Covid in the country, its as simple as that. If Australia wishes to be locked down forever thats their choice. All a zero Covid policy has done is to delay the inevitable and put Australia months even years behind everyone else. They will come to regret this policy, mark my words.

  9. On 10/13/2021 at 3:45 PM, damascase said:

    If you return on Non-O plus re-entry permit: yes, you do need it, as I experienced.

    From the Embassy’s website:

    When requesting for a COE, holders of a valid Re-entry Permit (Retirement) who wish to return to Thailand using the Re-entry Permit (Retirement), are required to submit a copy of health insurance policy which covers the length of stay in Thailand with no less than 40,000 THB coverage for out-patient treatment and no less than 400,000 THB for in-patient treatment. Applicant may consider buying a Thai health insurance online at longstay.tgia.org. You may also be asked by the immigration to present the original insurance policy upon your arrival in Thailand.

    This is not needed from the UK for someone with an existing re entry permit only new Non O applications based on Retirement,although I am aware that some embassy's are requiring it for all.

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  10. On 10/3/2021 at 9:04 AM, beano2274 said:



    link to the latest news, Thailand will remain Red and all vaccines done in Thailand are not recognised, check the link on the 4th then you will see the updates

    This is old news from 17 Sept. Implementation was today 4 October. There is a possible Red list review this week when the government link will be updated.

  11. I assume you are not on any of the facebook help forums. It is acceptable for the flight to upload a screenshot of your intended booking. Start a booking process and take it as far as you can without paying, screenshot that and upload to the visa site. ensure it shows flight number. For accomodation screenshot your intended ASQ booking or as UJ suggested your wifes address.

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