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  1. If you insurance covers medical and accident and emergency and Covid is specifically mentioned as covered for $100k Covid cover then its fine. The other thing is what extension of stay do you have the re entry for. If its marriage no issues but if retirement you may need 40k outpatient and 400k inpatient insurance as well to get the COE. The UK does not require this for existing retirement extensions with a re entry but many embassy's do. Best to check.

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  2. 23 hours ago, SCOTT FITZGERSLD said:

    SEEMS like you are horribly confused between all kinds of visas, and hard to blame


    U.K. passport does mot need the STV. you can get into thailand on the visa waiver 45 days. than extend it to another 30 days or even one year on the non-O retirement visa.

    Sounds like you are the one horribly confused. He asked about the single entry Tourist Visa

  3. 51 minutes ago, Spellforce said:

    What does it mean ? Because today we still have may internationals flights with passengers ?

    Maybe is it a translation issue ?


    Flightradar24 in real time:



    Only Semi Commercial flights on this list are allowed to fly to Thailand. The example you showed made me laugh, because there are no flights carrying passengers from India at this time




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  4. 11 minutes ago, Sheryl said:


    It sounds like this changed. Perhaps embassies got clarification from MFA.


    Does anyone have an update on this for the US?



    Its not changed. As far as I know it is only the UK in Europe that will issue a COE for an EXISTING extension of stay based on retirement with a re entry permit, based on only the $100k Covid insurance. For new Non O Retirement applications they require the 40k/400k as well. Many of the European countries require the 40k/400k insurance as well as the $100k Covid on All Retirement Non O based COE applications.

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  5. Beaches are closed, no sunbeds. The Lifeguards move you on on Dongtan beach and the police drive up and down occasionally shouting to get off the beach on their loudspeaker.

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  6. Learn your lesson and use an agent for this year and put it down to experience. I have just done mine for 13k baht a simple easy process from meeting up with the agent, popping in the bank next door, getting my photo taken by the immigration lady. I had my passport and extension back next day.

  7. 15 hours ago, OJAS said:


    Your pal will only be able to obtain a non-O visa on the grounds of retirement from the Royal Thai Embassy in London if he is in receipt of the UK State Pension.  @DrJack54 - in practice this means that he will need to be aged 65+.


    Assuming that he is aged 50+, though, he will be eligible for a non-OA visa. This will be valid for a year from its issue, and he can use it to enter Thailand for up to 12 months each time until its expiry - meaning that, if he were to do a border run just before its expiry (not possible at the present time, though, because of COVID restrictions) he would then get a further 12 months permission to stay, meaning that, in practice, he could get up to 2 years out of the visa before he needed to start applying for annual extensions at his local immigration office here in Thailand.


    Further info is on the Embassy's website:-




    There are, however, specific insurance requirements relating to this particular visa type, which might deter him from pursuing this course of action (as well as, of course, current uncertainties relating to the possibility of a border run to obtain a further 12 months out of the visa before it expires).


    Thats incorrect. They key statement is "or 3 month bank statement if at least £10,000"


    • Non-Immigrant Type (Retirement (pensioner aged 50 or above with a state pension who wants to stay in Thailand for no longer than 90 days) - single entry only)
    • Financial evidence e.g. A copy of pension statement if the applicant is a pensioner, or a copy of 1-month bank statement showing your income from pension, or 3-month bank statement of at least £10,000
    • Confirmation of legal residence in the UK or Ireland
  8. On 5/7/2021 at 9:29 PM, TaaSaparot said:

    During the last lockdown they actually taped off the beach, which they have not done this time ... yet.


    Walking the beach is okay, but swimming in the sea i seemingly high risk ... go figure.

    No thats not allowed either. Last Monday the tide was out and I was walking along the edge of the water about 25 yards out on Dongtan beach Jomtien. The lifeguard walked over armed with his mobile and politely told us walking on the beach was not allowed. This goes against all the published rules but you cant ignore what they have told you to do.

  9. Lol you are so confused.

    First of all you did not get a new Non OA visa, these can only be obtained outside Thailand. You have an extension of stay based on retirement.

    Secondly, when you received your extension of stay based on retirement from desk 8, you have to return to desk 8 after 90 days to show you still have 800k baht in your account.

    Thirdly this 90 day report of finances at desk 8, is nothing to do with reporting your address at desk 4 every 90 days. In Jomtien you do not need any photocopies or a TM47 form just your passport and the previous 90 day report slip. The problem is yours despite your digs at the immigration officials. You should be aware by now of the correct process as this is not your first 90 day report or extension. Stop blaming others and get a grip man.

  10. 6 hours ago, Tanoshi said:


    Work, business, marriage, no mention of exemption returning based on retirement.

    Obviously you cant read. Item 7 on the link refers to Non O visa based on retirement. Then you refer to the statement.

    "Required documents for the Certificate if Entry (apart from visa and re entry permit)."

    I am 100% sure about this as I have done it myself sorry. When they originally allowed Non O retirement extension with a re entry they did require the 40/400 insurance. This was soon dropped.

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  11. 2 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

    All I will say is that you need to look at the embassy website for the latest info.

    This page states the following. https://london.thaiembassy.org/en/publicservice/requirements-for-foreigners-travelling-to-thailand-during-covid-19-tra?page=5d6636cd15e39c3bd00072dd&menu=5f4b6eb3f6ae4b236972c562



    All I will say is to refer to the same link and read the section I posted. Which reads


    "Required documents for the Certificate if Entry (apart from visa and re entry permit)."


    What this means is that the required documents are for a COE unless you have an existing Non O visa and a re entry permit. I have had this confirmed by Kun Wichaya in the London Embassy. The list only applies to new Non O Retirement. I must state this is only the UK as other embassy's are interpreting it as you stated.



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  12. 1 hour ago, Bangkok Barry said:


    True, but the form that still needs to be filled in at most places also has no way or asking for a multi-entry, and you have to actually write on the form that is what you want. Whether there is a way of doing that electronically I have no idea. It would be interesting to know. Otherwise, I guess the Thai government's attitude is we will only give you three months for you to visit (their official term, not live with) your wife. Nice. Makes us feel very welcome.

    Sorry you are so out of touch. The evisa system has been operational for a long time now. You cannot apply for a multi entry Non O. This has in the the past been available from Laos and Ho Chi Min City. Only option now is to enter Thailand on a Tourist Visa or a visa Exempt entry or a single entry Non O. You can convert the Non O into an extension of stay based on marriage for 1,900 baht with the required funds. You can also convert the Tourist visa or the visa exempt entry into a Non O for 2k baht and then an extension of stay based on marriage 1,900 baht again by meeting the financial requirements.

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  13. 19 minutes ago, tribalfusion001 said:

    Just read this on Richard Barrow plus no cleaning, no laundry, no clean bed sheets for 14 nights and you are not allowed out of your room, so it's a two week prison sentence for a tourist.


    There is no way I'll be visiting Thailand until this madness ends other places are easier to get into with just a negative PCR test. Then once you get out of ASQ it's masks in the open air and nothing open with further restrictions always possible.

    madness. So in the space of 14 days people have to do 4 PCR tests. Crazy

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  14. On 4/29/2021 at 6:11 PM, London Fog said:

    Is it possible to travel to UK via a transit in Singapore, Hong Kong or anywhere else at the moment without incurring 'red zone' quarantine when arriving in UK? 

    Do these transit locations require any special paperwork eg negative Covid test within 72 hours? 

    I am aware of UK requirements and conditions on arrival. 



    are you seriously not able to find this out for yourself. In the time it took me to read your question I had the answer. 

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