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  1. 44 minutes ago, Yellowtail said:


    I am not sure they will do bridge using one implant without crowning another existing tooth, you can ask.


    Were it me, I would go with two implants. If I was short on dough, I would replace the recently extracted tooth with an implant as soon as possible (I don't think you want the hole to fill in) and get a cheap partial denture until I had the money for the second implant.


    I would absolutely not get a bridge using the new implant and an existing healthy tooth.  

    Thank you for the comments. I only had the tooth extracted 4 weeks ago and its still a bit sore. I will leave it 8 weeks before I decide what to do. Added complication is I have to go back to the UK in July for 3 months so it will have to be done before I go or after. I suppose I could wait and consult my specialist in the UK who is a top dentist and see what he says and then decide what to do. Cant afford UK prices for this though but at least I would have a top opinion on what to do.

  2. 1 hour ago, Yellowtail said:


    So it was a bridge using only one tooth with one prosthetic tooth beside it, and not a bridge using two teeth with a prosthetic tooth in the middle, correct?


    Your plan is to replace the actual tooth you just lost with an implant, and to then replace the prosthetic tooth with a partial denture, it hat correct? 


    I have several implants and a bridge, and I like the implants much better. I've also had a couple partial dentures and they're certainly better than nothing but do take a little getting used to.

    Thank you. I do not know the correct terminology. What I lost was a tooth that was crowned with a prosthetic tooth attached, if that is the word, making a bridge. The tooth that was crowed broke and the dentist was forced to removed the tooth holding the crown because he was unable to re attach. He could only extract the tooth, now I have a gap of 2 teeth. 

    I was thinking of a implant for one tooth with a prosthetic tooth attached to the implant that would fill the 2 tooth gap. I want a permanent fixture something that I have to remove. I hope I have explaine myself properly.

  3. On 11/7/2018 at 10:25 AM, KittenKong said:

    In my experience the small local clinics often omit the cost of the extras. Some dont even seem to have a panoramic Xray facility at all.


    I needed a bone graft for one of my implants. Dr Paweenwan was aware of the probable need for this from the Xray before she started, and the extra cost was made clear. She did say that depending on what she found when actually doing the job, it might not even be needed.


    Bottom line: I just like the idea of a highly experienced person doing my implants rather than some back-street dentist. Especially as the cost is similar.

    Hi sorry I know its an old thread. Is this doctor still there do you know. I had an crown bridge snap 4 weeks ago and had to have the tooth extracted as there was nothing to re attach the crown too. Now waiting for it to heal, I have a 2 tooth gap. Ocean dental said it would cost between 36 and 56 k for a bridge. I would prefer one implant and a retainer. How does the cost compare? How much were your implants? Thanks

  4. 13 hours ago, richard_smith237 said:


    There is no specific ‘template’ - A simple letter from a Doctor which states you have no Covid-19 symptoms and are Fit to Fly will suffice. 


    That said, there are some ‘formats’ floating around the web (I think a Thai Airways format somewhere) - but ultimately all thats needed is something which ‘looks’ official, with a Doctors contact details and Signature which states ‘fit to fly’ (and no Covid-19 symptoms).

    Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 15.48.16.png

    Many people using the online service from Dr Donna via video call



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  5. 21 hours ago, OJAS said:


    These ridiculous new requirements now elevate Jomtien to a super-rogue office as far as I am concerned. Coming as they do on top of the requirement for those using the 800k method for their annual retirement extensions to return after 3 months for diligent checking that their bank balances haven't dipped a single satang below 800k in the meantime.


    Read the post replies its temporary because of a technical problem. 

  6. 19 hours ago, Badger18 said:

    I know they give you an under consideration stamp at first, but I'm not clear whether your existing permission to stay has to cover the under consideration period, or whether they give you a few days when you first go, then the full 60 after they've considered and approved the application. Can anyone clarify how this works?



    It depends on the office. Not all offices give an under consideration period. In Pattaya extensions are normally granted immediatly so ensure that you do not apply too early otherwise you will lose days. Best to apply in the last week for a Covid extension. Other extensions based on family etc you do not lose days so can be applied for earlier.

  7. 22 hours ago, user70 said:

    I am exactly (100%) in this situation. The LA Embassy vaguely says it takes at least three weeks. (and they aren't clear when the counter starts: is it from the time we pay for the online application? from the time they receive the passport? No clear answer) Anyway I told them that since they can't tell me a clear timeline I might miss the flight and they told me ~"too bad, then you have to notify us about the change, and it will take at least one week to process". I assume that this is either a new CoE, or an amendment to the existing one.


    FYI I went to 2 USPS offices today, including where my mail is currently located, and they have no clue when packages will be delivered.  (~" could be tomorrow, in a few days, next week"). And they won't give me back my mail either.


    Anyway are  you even sure that you'll get your passport back in time? Also I assume that you applied for a visa (hence the requirement to send the passport by mail) and that you haven't applied to the CoE yet? 


    USPS + Thai consulate = dream team...


    Absolutely disgraceful service. The COE in the UK is all done online and many cases reported all done and dusted in 2 hours. Evem changes and a new COE issued done by email almost immediately

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  8. 8 hours ago, HashBrownHarry said:



    There were ( at the time, April thru Oct i think ) only 3 repatriation flights per month for Thai nationals ( with 50 farangs per flight who met the criteria ) to return to thailand, let's say 300 Thai's per flight time 3, that's 900 per month, you don't think there was more than that trying to get home?


    I think the commercial flights started about October, since then it's become straight forward.

    Thanks for confirming that my post was correct. I said from November. If you read it correctly it was in a different way exactly what you just put in your reply. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, HashBrownHarry said:

    I'm sure there is 1000's that would disagree with you of the many Thai's who were trying to get back to Thailand from UK on the repatriation flights. Many were also waiting months, no system in place at all for a que etc.


    I'm sure Thai's in many other locations were in the same situation, wanting to return home but unable due to lack of flights or hotels.

    Nonsense. Flights have been able to be easily booked on the Thai Airways weekly flight for Thai's wishing to go into free State Quarantine since last November. Or if they wanted to pay for ASQ, then on any of the daily flights with Emitates, Qatar, Etihad, KLM, Lufthansa etc. There was only a waiting list to fly in the very early days when you had to book the flight through the embassy, now its direct with the airline.

  10. 1 hour ago, Jeffr2 said:

    I find that the roads on the dark side can be a real mess. And when busy, a REAL mess. 5555


    Down south of Jomtien, there are some nice places. Close to the beach. Easy access to Sukhumvit and the new highway. Our beaches were never really closed. Which was quite nice last year.

    Yes thats why I said soi's 87/89. The busy soi's are Country Club, ETC These soi's are no problem at all.

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  11. On 2/21/2021 at 8:48 AM, dsmiththailand said:

    3000USD. looking for an house as two dogs will be adopted.

    Rather than Jomtien, if I was you I would look at the so called "Darkside" (other side of the Sukumvidt) in East Pattaya. Rental houses are a plenty in the soi 87/89 area. You can be in Jomtien and pattaya in less than 10 - 15 minutes.

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  12. 23 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

    Where did you find that info?

    On this page it states this. https://london.thaiembassy.org/en/publicservice/requirements-for-foreigners-travelling-to-thailand-during-covid-19-tra?page=5d6636cd15e39c3bd00072dd&menu=5f4b6eb3f6ae4b236972c562


    "7. For long-stay retirement visa holders (Non-Immigrant O/O-A/O-X) for people over 50 years old

    Copy of health insurance policy which covers medical treatment in Thailand (non-COVID-19 diseases) for outpatient not less than 40,000 Baht and inpatient not less than 400,000 Baht for the whole period of your stay in Thailand

    - Copy of health insurance that coversCOVID-19 related medical expenses, both inpatient and outpatient, no less than 100,000 USD for the whole period of your stay in Thailand"



    Its from a COE page on the RTE London Embassy that has infortunately been down for the past few days




    See screenshot from the link you quoted. This only applies to new applications, not for people who have a re entry permit.


    Required documents for COE (Apart from visa or re entry permit)

    Screenshot_20210222-101248_Samsung Internet.jpg

  13. 17 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

    Embassies require that insurance to get a COE. 

    This from a embassy website. Note a O visa is included.

    7. For long-stay retirement visa holders (Non-Immigrant O/O-A/O-X) for people over 50 years old

    Copy of health insurance policy which covers medical treatment in Thailand (non-COVID-19 diseases) for outpatient not less than 40,000 Baht and inpatient not less than 400,000 Baht for the whole period of your stay in Thailand

    - Copy of health insurance that coversCOVID-19 related medical expenses, both inpatient and outpatient, no less than 100,000 USD for the whole period of your stay in Thailand

    The 40,000 Baht out patient and 400,000 Baht for in patient is not required for existing O visa retirement extensions with a re entry permit when obtaining a COE from the UK. I suggest you check the requirements from Denmark before applying for a Tourist Visa.

    Screenshot_20201226-095322_Samsung Internet.jpg

  14. On 2/17/2021 at 2:33 PM, jackspade said:

    Since my local SIM card had expired, I tried to call my hospital to make an appointment today. I was told that there are no calls allowed for those staying in ASQ.

    I called the front desk again. I said I wanted to call my girlfriend. Their response?

    "Who your girlfriend?"


    Unbelievable. I just about lost it on the phone. No phone access? This is straight up luxury imprisonment.


    Is every ASQ hotel like this? Do any of them allow outgoing calls?

    Are you really that clueless. Many options to call without a SIM card. 

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  15. 16 hours ago, Jumbo1968 said:

    image.png.28bb1cb92cf7fc7cb74d94a86d412252.pngThis is what’s required when submitting an application in the U.K., you can’t apply for a Non O Visa in Thailand using this method but you can if applying in the U.K. 

    If you apply for a Non O based on retirement in the UK at the moment you will have to take out insurance of 40k baht out patient and 400k baht in patient as well as the $100k Covid insurance. To avoid this you either to apply for a Tourist visa 60 days or enter Thailand Visa exempt. When you get to Thailand ensure that you have the finance in place as UJ said. You can then apply for change of visa status to a Non O for 2k baht and after apply for a retirement extension of stay 1,900 baht. This is your best option to avoid the insurance.

  16. Not new at all. Many embassys around the world have been imposing these extra 40k baht out patient and 400k in patient for months now on new Non O retirement applications and existing retirement extensions with a re entry permit. This is in addition to the $100K Covid Insurance. The UK is one of the few countries that does not require the extra insurance on existing retirement extensions but it does for new Non O retirement. Looks like the Pattaya Mail have only just picked up on it. Many people on here unaware as well. This extra requirement is to get the COE (Certificate of Entry)

  17. 39 minutes ago, AlbionBob said:

    Sorry to be a pain, Ubonjoe, but could you just clarify that, if I wish to visit my Thai wife in Thailand, I could go on a Visa Exempt, on which I would get 45 days to include the Quarantine, followed by a 60 day Covid extension, followed by a 60 day extension to visit the wife ?   That would make 165 days in total ?  That seems amazing at this time, but it would be worth going through the hoops for that amount of time.  How long would you have to take out the initial insurance for ?  Many thanks in anticipation.

    The 60 day Covid extension is only at this time available until March 30th for stays until May 30th. It may of course change again.

  18. 1 hour ago, ubonjoe said:

    The current immigration order that is 327/2557 makes it a little clearer that only one per entry to the country can be issued. Also a entry from a re-entry permit is not considered a new entry,


    A this time a covid 19 extension is available that can issued more than once.


    Thank you, so as a follow up. Is that limited to a Non O. So for example could someone originally on a Tourist Visa use the 60 days visit Thai Wife extension?

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